Thursday, April 13, 2017

Warmer Weather.. Hotter Styles

As you may or may not know, color camo has been the craze this season. From crazy colored camo pants to t-shirts to hats, this trend is has been seen all over social media. People have even been buying two of our colored camo BDU's, cutting them up and sewing the two colors together to really make a statement. This two-tone style has seen increasing popularity among the streetwear market as a way to make a statement.

What's going to happen when the weather gets warmer might you ask? Rothco has you covered with a bunch of colored camo BDU shorts! Why not continue the unique and attention-grabbing trend into the warmer summer months. We took our classic military BDU Shorts and added a twist, offering them in a variety of colored and digital colored camos. Keeping true to our military heritage, Rothco's BDU Shorts feature a button fly for a quick repair, 6 pockets and adjustable waist tabs for the perfect fit and to keep the shorts secure. Rothco's BDU Shorts are available in Pink Camo, City Camo, Red Camo, Sky Blue Camo and Ultra Violet Camo. We also carry digital versions, such as City Digital, Red Digital and Sky Blue Digital. So whether you're jumping on the colored camo bandwagon or just supporting your favorite sports team's colors, Rothco's Colored Camo BDU Shorts are one of the hottest items for this summer.

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