Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Leone's List: Top 5 Rothco Items to Keep in Your Car

Military and Tactical gear is what Rothco is all about, but we know a thing or two about preparedness and survival too. You should always be prepared for whatever life throws your way whether it be a natural disaster, civil unrest, or the challenges of day to day life. That's why I've put together a short list of the Top 5 Rothco items to keep in your car - an Everyday Carry (EDC) for your car:

1. Tactical Shemagh - Now you may be thinking "ok... you've got an overgrown scarf, what's the big deal?" But the shemagh might be the MOST useful items you could have on hand. You can use it as tinder to start a fire, you can filter sediment from water with it, you can bandage a wound, create a sling or tourniquet, use it as a makeshift bag, protect your face from the elements, collect water... the list goes on and on. Even simple stuff like using it as a rag if you're checking your oil. Put one in your car. I promise you that you'll find uses for it.

2. MOLLE Tactical Trauma Kit - This really should be self-explanatory but accidents happen and not always in areas where you can quickly receive medical treatment so have an emergency first aid kit in your car just in case.

3. LED Solar/Hand-crank Lantern - I'd probably also keep a standard flashlight (find some here) in my car if I were you but something that runs on renewable energy makes more sense to me for an emergency situation. Just leave it in the sun or crank the handle and you have yourself a light source.

4. Large Paracord Knife with Fire Starter - You really kill 3 birds with 1 stone here... you get a little bit of paracord, a fire starter, and a knife. Talk about versatility.

5. Bungee Cords - Bungee Cords are great for the obvious... tying down things inside and on your vehicle but there's also plenty of creative ways to use bungee cords around the house or in an emergency situation. Plus these are camo.

Find all this gear and more at Rothco.com

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