Friday, March 24, 2017

Crazy Camo? Not So Crazy

You’ve seen the recent fashion/apparel trends: MA-1 flight jackets, desert boots, and boonie hats; which have all been hot sellers consistently for years. But one thing that nobody expected was the breakout of the colored camo. Although we’ve carried these colors for years, they have never had the same hype. The crazy camo is killing it right now as well! It started with the music video for Yamborghini High by the A$AP Mob but is picking up steam and becoming more of a mainstream thing now. If you haven’t seen the music video yet, I have a link to it below:

You’ve seen the trend, you’ve seen the video, so now here are a few tips on how to keep up with the game, and stay ahead of the curve.

Play It Up – Some of the biggest artists in music are wearing our stuff right now, so what better opportunity is there to sell more clothing than to share a testimonial or an image? Kanye is wearing Rothco, Big Sean is wearing Rothco, Justin Bieber is, you get the picture. But it’s not just about the music. You can see cameos of Rothco items in popular TV shows and on athletes. Camouflage and military fashion is clearly on the up and up, so why not play it up?

Market in Conjunction – Now that you know about the current trends, what’s the next step you ask? You’ve been selling and marketing the items separately, but have you tried merchandising them together? Someone can throw together a pair of colored camo BDUs, a blank T-shirt, an MA-1, and a pair of desert boots and call that an outfit. You can throw together the same items and call it a display.

Make it Your Own – Just because Rothco doesn’t do any embroidery or screenprinting in-house doesn’t mean that you can’t. These items don’t necessarily need to be sold blank. You can personalize them however you see fit and sell them that way. Add your logo, add a print, add your customer’s logo, whatever you want. It’s entirely up to you.

Color Coordinate – As you know, we have over 30 different camo colors, some of them unique to specific product lines, but we do offer full lines for certain colors. Take Sky Blue Camo for instance. We have BDU pants, BDU shirts, shorts, T-shirts (long & short sleeve), tank tops, boonie hats, low profile caps, and bandanas. Obviously, this is not true for all colors, but anything that’s popular has a T-shirt, a bandana, and a boonie hat at the very least. A one stop shop for all your favorite camo gear? What more could you ask for? We are the source for crazy camo!

It’s 2017, camo is not just for military and practical applications anymore. It’s a fashion statement. We’ve seen this trend before, but we’re seeing it again. Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon! Showing your customers that you have the inventory and that you have all the latest & greatest will win you brownie points.

Justin Hum @ Rothco

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