Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hard Facts On Rothco's Soft Shell Jackets

Over the past several years Rothco has developed and expanded our line of Tactical Soft Shell Jackets which includes our Spec Ops Soft Shell Jacket, Covert Ops Lightweight Soft Shell JacketConcealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket; just to name a few! These tactical jackets offer superior performance in the most demanding environments but don't take our word for it... see what others had to say about our line of tactical jackets. 

Also, see what Rothco's seasoned sales professionals John Brucculeri and Hans Blechschmidt had to say about our Tactical Soft Shell Jacket Collection.

In addition to the jackets featured above, Rothco offers several more options to choose from including our new Soft Shell MA-1 Flight Jacket, 3-1 Spec Ops, and our M-65 Soft Shell Jacket. Discover them all at Rothco.com. 

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