Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The 2016 Camo Trend is Back and Better than Ever

While camouflage was typically worn for mimicking trees as a disguise or blending in, now camo is becoming a staple piece in people’s wardrobes. Wearing camo is all about making a statement and standing out in a crowd. Colored camo is gaining popularity and gaining it quick! Various colors and styles of camo have been exploding into the Streetwear market and people are jumping on this opportunity to create a unique and attention grabbing style.  

Brightly colored camo is becoming especially influential in the Streetwear Market. This trend is growing and expected to continue through fall 2017! Rothco offers over 30 different camo patterns, including Sky Blue, Yellow Stinger, Red Camo and Purple. The Streetwear market is not only wearing colored camo because of the tremendous trend right now, but it’s also about the comfort. Rothco’s BDU Pants and Fatigue Shirts are made with comfortable, durable poly/cotton twill. Rothco also offers tons of colored camo long and short sleeve t-shirts made from a poly/cotton blend. Here at Rothco we know a thing or two about camo, including colored patterns, military patterns, digital patterns and camo patterns that are exclusive to Rothco.  

Rothco’s colored camo patterns have been cut up and sewn back together by designers and used by screen printers to make it more unique. Rothco’s colored camo was also seen in A$AP Mob’s music video “Yamborghini High”.

Camo has made its way from being strictly used for military and hunting applications to now becoming a popular mainstream, must-have item.     

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