Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cold Weather Boots for Rain or Snow

Being a company that manufactures military and tactical gear, you probably already know that we carry jungle boots, tactical boots, and combat boots. What you may not know, it that we also have a growing line of cold weather and rain boots.

Our 8" Cold Weather Hiking Boot has been around for over a decade, and with good reason. The Thermoblock insulated boot makes it not only the perfect boot for trekking through snow but also makes it a great boot for wet and rainy weather.

More recently, we took the Cold Weather Hiking Boot and amped it up with the Rothco 8" Extreme Cold Weather Hiking Boot. It's the same comfortable design but the 600 gram Thermoblock insulation (400 grams more than the original) makes it suitable for the coldest more frigid environments.

For the more casual outdoorsman (or woman) we also recently introduced the All Weather Duck Boot; comfortable and durable. Whether winter throws you a blizzard or a rainstorm, you'll be prepared to battle the elements with Rothco's line of Cold Weather Boots.

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