Friday, November 18, 2016

A Closer Look at Rothco's Concealed Carry Accessories

Here at Rothco we have an extensive line of concealed carry gear with 10 different styles of jackets and vests (that's not including all the different colors) and over half a dozen concealed carry compatible bags. We give a lot of love to our big ticket items but what about accessories? After all, you need a holster for concealed carry (in most cases). Well have no fear; Rothco's got you covered when it comes to concealed carry accessories as well.

Included in our line or accessories are concealed carry holsters. There are 10 holsters in all, designed for different pistol sizes; from sub-compact to full frame pistols. Some of the holsters are designed to be used around the waist; others are ankle holsters or shoulder holsters.

We also have a few hook and loop style holsters that are designed to be placed inside of clothing or bags,like the concealed carry holster panel or hook and loop holster.

You can also find concealed carry pouches which can be used to store handguns and ammo. The concealed carry pouches could be used independently as carrying cases or tucked inside a bag or even a purse in case of an emergency.

For the full line of Rothco concealed carry gear, checkout our digital catalog and make sure to follow us on Facebook this month for concealed carry month #ccm

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