Wednesday, September 21, 2016

From a Field Necessity to a Fall Staple

The M-65 Field Jacket has been around for OVER 50 years and in that time we’ve seen it evolve from combat to everyday use. The Field Jacket was first introduced into the US military to replace the M-1951 field jacket and was widely used during the Vietnam War. 

The military jacket was designed for all weather conditions with a built in protective hood that rolls up into a pouch on the collar and hook & loop fasteners that allows for a secure fit. Four large snap-up or button-up pockets create ample amount of storage for soldier’s equipment while on the field or whether you’re on-the-go and need a spot to store your keys and wallet. Authentic M-65 Field Jackets include an insignia holder and name and branch tape for personalization. Rothco’s M-65 Field Jackets are made with a water repellent poly/cotton twill outershell to stand the harsh winds and rain. 

The versatility of the M-65 Field Jacket allows for cooler fall and spring weather wear, but a button-in quilted lining can be added to survive the cold winter months. The M65 Field Jacket is optimal for any environment and has created a timeless trend that doesn’t seem to be fading out anytime soon.

From Vintage to Tactical M-65’s, Rothco offers any Style, Color or Camo Pattern you need this fall.

  • Rothco Camo M-65 Field Jacket: One of the most popular Filed Jackets used by the U.S. Military. This jacket comes in 6 different Camo Patterns!
  • Rothco M-65 Field Jacket: A classic piece of military outerwear with a removable button-in liner, perfect for fall and winter weather!
  • Rothco Vintage M-65 Field Jacket: Nothing says vintage military clothing like an M65 Jacket! This M65 will keep you up to date with this fall’s trend of army inspired looks. 
  • Rothco Vintage Lightweight M-65 Jacket: This lightweight jacket is the perfect transitional piece from summer to fall with the temperature starting to cool off. 
  • Rothco Soft Shell Tactical M-65 field Jacket: This jacket combines elements of two great military jackets into one; the jacket features the style of the classic M65 with an updated tactical soft shell fabric.
  • Rothco M-65 Storm Jacket: The M65 Storm Jacket offers the classic M-65 style, but with added wet weather protection for those rainy and snowy days. 

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