Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Camo Isn't a Disguise, It's a Statement

Camouflage has made its way from being strictly used for military and hunting applications to now becoming a mainstream item. Since 2013, the search trends for "Camo" have nearly doubled, according to Google Trends analysis. Furthermore, the seasonal trend for camo, which reaches its peak in November and December, begins it's ascent in July. There are a number of practical applications for camo which include more traditional military, tactical, and airsoft markets but camo has also become popular for school spirit with colored camo patterns, fashion with vintage and classic patterns, and athletics with Rothco's new Camo Performance T-Shirts.

Here at Rothco we know a thing or two about camo; we have items in over 30 camo patterns including military patterns, colored patterns, digital patterns, and camo patterns that are exclusive to Rothco. If you're looking for camo, you'll find it at Rothco.

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