Tuesday, June 28, 2016

One Of Rothco's Own Joins The Air Force

Angelith accepting her award from John Ottaviano
Last Friday, Rothco's employees gathered for our monthly employee recognition ceremony. This month's honoree, Angelith, was extra special, as she will be leaving Rothco this month to join the United States Air Force. While she will be missed, Rothco is honored to have a member of our team join the Armed Forces. 

We sat down with Angelith, who has worked for Rothco for over six months, to learn more about her choice to join the military. It turns out she has had inspirations to join the military since she was a little girl. 

"The main person to influence me to join the military was my father. My father was in the military in Colombia and since I was little I wanted to be like him, so my inspiration for joining something greater than me, it started with my father. Then, in High School, I had the pleasure to be part of the Air Force Junior ROTC program, which gave me great inspiration and insight into what it would mean to become a soldier. I can still remember how moved I would become when someone would walk up to me and thank me for my service. It was a great experience and the spark that lead me to lock my decision of joining." Angelith U. 

In joining the Air Force Angelith hopes to grow as a person and help her community by becoming a leader. "Becoming part of the Air Force is a great privilege and honor. But hopefully one day I will become a leader to younger and ambitious individuals like myself. In the future, maybe one day I would like to become a pilot or an attorney in the military." 

We couldn't send her off
 without some #RothcoGear
When asked what she is most excited about in regards to joining, she said she is most excited about  the journey she will be taken. "I’m excited at the journey I just decided to start. Believe me, this is just the start. I’m excited at the responsibilities that come with becoming part of the greatest Air Force in the world. I’m excited to know that when someone needs help, I can be that help. I can help protect not only those who are important to me but a whole nation." 

Angelith's Father, her inspiration for joining the military, is her number one supporter. "Make me proud, Angelith.” he often tells her. While her Mom, like most moms, is scared, she supports her decision 100%. Angelith also has the full support of her friends who have always seen her as someone who would be part of the military. 

Everyone here at Rothco is extremely proud of Angelith and the honor she will bring to our country. She exemplifies true courage and determination. We wish her the best of luck on her
new journey.