Thursday, April 07, 2016

Product Spotlight - Rothco Undercover Travel Vest

It's spring time, which means it's time to shed the heavy jackets and get ready to go sleeveless. For most, that means not being able to wear a jacket with enough space for all of your everyday carry items. If you share this struggle, then Rothco’s Undercover Travel Vest was designed with you in mind. The vest features twelve pockets overall, including wire pass through ports, pen pockets, a tablet sized pocket perfect for electronics and even a hidden passport pocket on the inside that only the wearer will know of and be able to access. These features also make for easier outside-the-waistband concealed carry in the warmer months.

This vest is perfect for those who are always on the go and need their hands for getting things done instead of carrying around their gear. Functional, comfortable and discreet, this vest will be your first choice for all of your day to day tasks, as well as traveling to any destination.

Check out what Michigan Arms had to say about the vest just a few days ago:

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