Friday, March 04, 2016

Take a Closer Look at Rothco's Top Tactical Packs

Rothco has so many tactical bags and packs it may be difficult to choose only one. While similar, each bag and pack though is uniquely suited for different tasks.

The most popular Rothco bag is the Medium Transport Pack. Our most versatile bag, the Medium Transport Pack is popular with both hard core outdoorsmen and everyday casual users.

While sharing many of the same features as the Medium Transport Pack, the Large Transport Pack is a bigger, more robust version for creating a survival or camping pack. Also great for traveling, hiking, or backpacking.

The Advanced Tactical Bag came about through a marriage of a shoulder bag and tactical pack; smaller in size for a lighter load, the tactical bag makes the perfect day pack for hunting, camping, or hiking.

A military style pack, the MOLLE 3-Day Assault Pack is designed for customization with MOLLE straps to add pouches to extend the already large pack. A serious bag for serious people.

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