Friday, October 16, 2015

Hook Onto Rothco’s New Morale Patches

Express your unique individualism with Rothco’s Morale Patches and join the ranks of Military, Law enforcement and super heroes alike! Originally used by the British Army to identify ally and enemy units, Morale patches became an iconic symbol of wartime. Created to boost the morale of the troops, each division created and wore a patch that was unique to their division. During the Vietnam War era it became a widespread practice for soldiers to make sarcastic, rude or critical statements on these Morale Patches. Since the 1920’s Morale Patches have become an item for trade and collecting; and have come to be worn by civilians as much as Military & Law Enforcement personnel.

This Fall Rothco has expanded their collection of over 100 morale, insignia and rank patches. Releasing over 10 new Patches, from Zombie themed to American flags, Rothco has the perfect patch for any unique need.

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