Friday, October 09, 2015

Fear The Walking Dead: Practical Preparedness Points

Our favorite zombie survival show, AMC’s "The Walking Dead", returns for its 6th season a week after "Fear the Walking Dead", a spin-off series, wrapped up its first season. The latter fills us in on a portion of the former we missed; as "The Walking Dead" picks up months after the apocalypse begins when Rick emerges from a coma. While part of the same universe, the shows focus on two different stages of the zombie apocalypse life cycle; while TWD focuses on rebuilding and surviving after the catastrophe, FTWD gives us a look at the collapse.

With "Fear the Walking Dead", a new level of chaos and fear is introduced to the zombie filled world. Besides one nervous teenager, no one seems to have any idea of the scope of what’s about to happen and very few people are even remotely prepared. With little to no understanding of the truth of what’s happening, the government and public safety officials are slow to communicate what’s happening to the populous. Citizens see this lack of communication as a sign of conspiracy and cover-up for all the unexplained police violence and retaliate with violence of their own leading to looting and riots. It’s an incredibly relevant depiction of the civilian mistrust for the government and police force considering the recent protests and riots in Baltimore and Ferguson. It is all a very real reminder that being prepared is often a key to survival, and in this extreme, fictional case will prove a fatal mistake for many.

Speaking of Zombies...
This Patch Came In Today
We left off "The Walking Dead" in Alexandria where people have already survived the catastrophe and are now beginning to rebuild their lives. They're now of the other side of the fallout and survived due to being prepared, having survival skills, getting lucky or a combination of the three. Preparedness is the first step toward survival and while no one should be holding their breath for the dead to start rising, between natural disasters and civil unrest there is plenty to plan for. Being prepared for such a scenario doesn't have to be as elaborate as building a fallout shelter but being prepared is important because when SHTF it happens fast and then it's too late to make a plan.

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