Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Happy 225th Birthday to the US Coast Guard

On this day 225 years ago the U.S. Coast Guard was signed into existence by President George Washington. The USCG is one of the country's five armed forces and has a variety of operational goals. These goals include maritime safety, national defense, maritime security, mobility and the protection of natural resources. Praised for their quick responsiveness and adaptability in a broad range of emergencies this decentralized organization holds the motto "Semper Paratus;" meaning "Always Ready."

In honor of today, we've compiled some fun facts you may not have known about the United States Coast Guard.
  • Was formed by the signing of the Tariff Act by George Washington on August 4th 1790.
  • Originally known as the “Revenue Cutter Service,” the United States Coast Guard was given its official name by congress in 1915 when they merged the “Revenue Cutter Service” with the “U.S. Life-Saving Service.”
  • The USCG was the nation’s first armed force on the seas; until the U.S. Navy was established in 1798.
  •  The U.S. Coast Guard has participated in every armed conflict of the United States since 1790.
  • Although the USCG does not have tanks, missiles or other large artillery, they are equipped with a variety of small guns including handguns, rifles and mounted machine guns on cutters, boats and helicopters.
  • Originally part of the Department of Transportation, in March 2003, the USCG was officially transferred to the Department of Homeland security.
As one of the oldest organizations of the federal government it is important to celebrate, support and acknowledge all the hard work the men and women of the United States Coast Guard do for their country.
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