Friday, March 20, 2015

What To Do With Your Shemagh

Let's talk about the shemagh; you may look at the shemagh and think "OK, you've got an over-sized scarf" and you wouldn't be wrong, but there are hundreds, if not thousands of uses for this 42 x 42 cotton piece of versatile greatness.

The first use, and its intended function, is as a head covering. It originated in the Middle East but it became very popular with military personnel and is now worn all over the world. Airsoft players use the shemagh to protect their face and neck from pellets, while campers and outdoorsmen use the shemagh to keep their head protected from sun, dust, wind and whatever else mother nature, or people, throw at them.

What's the next best thing to do with a shemagh? Use it as a survival tool. Yes, that's correct; a survival TOOL. There are virtually unlimited uses for the shemagh in a bug out bag or survival kit:

Rothco's Cross Rifle Shemagh
  1. Sling
  2. Tourniquet
  3. Bandage
  4. Bind a Splint
  5. Water Filter
  6. Net
  7. Pillow
  8. Towel
  9. Washcloth
  10. Toilet Paper
  11. Trail Marker
  12. Kindle
  13. Pot Holder
  14. Hobo Bag
  15. Emergency Belt
  16. Gun Wipe Cloth
  17. Napkin
  18. Tissue
  19. Cordage
  20. Blindfold
I could keep on listing the many, many uses for the shemagh but I'd rather you tell me a few uses that I may have left out. Don't have a shemagh? Head over to and check out all the colors and style we have.