Monday, March 30, 2015

5 Thoughts on “The Walking Dead” Season 5 Finale

The 5th Season of the Walking Dead has been touted by many as the best season yet and if that is the case then the finale was a perfect reiteration of just how good the 5th season was. Here are 5 things to take-away from the season 5 finale; beware, spoilers ahead.
  1. Morgan is back and he has become some kind of Jedi Master: The first person Rick encountered back in season 1, Morgan was last seen held up in a booby trap surrounded apartment after the loss of his son had driven him over the edge. The finale opens with Morgan calmly and efficiently knocking out 2 wolves (not the animal; more on that below) with a bow staff, and later saving Daryl and Aaron from certain death. He ends the episode witnessing Rick’s execution of Pete to his great surprise. Morgan’s new attitude that life is valuable positions him perfectly to be the new morale compass of Rick’s group which they have been lacking since the death of Hershel. It’ll be interesting to see how their dynamic plays out going into season 6.
  2. Wolves not far: There have been a lot of “walkers” with “W” etched into their foreheads this season and in the finale we finally meet two “wolves”. They don’t seem to be interested in making deals, only taking what they want and who they want. Daryl and Aaron are almost captured by a few of them but the group will surely be dealing with these “wolves” in season 6.
  3. The road less traveled: There is an abundance of death within this show that it becomes second nature to many characters in it; I imagine they take life without thinking about it. However, there is more courage in sparing a life than in taking one, especially when sparing that life potentially endangers yourself or others. The episode culminated with Rick facing the Alexandrians, Nicholas trying to kill Glenn, and Gabriel goading Sasha into putting a gun to his head; yet Glenn spares Nicholas, Sasha and Maggie reconcile with Gabriel, and Rick explains to the group he’s going to lead them to change so that they’ll survive. It would have been easier to kill all possible people who were a threat and yet, forgiveness was granted across the board; except for Pete of course.
  4. Don’t mess with Carol: remember when Carol was shy, defenseless, and afraid? She has become one of the most confident and tactful individuals in the group. Playing the part of the cookie making den mother, while concealing her true nature and motives from all but her inner circle. How about that "conversation" she had with Pete? Seems to me she was trying to push Pete into doing something stupid; message received Carol, message received.
  5. 90 Minute episodes are awesome: seriously though, can we get more of those?

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