Friday, January 23, 2015

Build A Better Bug Out Bag With Rothco

Always be prepared...and one of the best ways you can be prepared for an emergency situation is with a Bug Out Bag or otherwise known as a 72 Hour Survival Bag. That is why Rothco has put together this helpful poster, to highlight the essential gear you would need to make the ideal Bug Out Bag

Key Elements of a Bug Out Bag Include:

And of course the Bag...Our Medium Transport Pack is great for a Bug Out Bag because of its size and versatility. Every Bug Out Bag will be different, a majority of the supplies you choose will be based on your preferences and location but if you follow the main outline of the poster you will have the perfect Bug Out Bag. And lucky for you Rothco has all the gear you need to fill that pack! 
The poster is available to all Rothco dealers for free. Ask for the Bug Out Bag Poster (item # BOP) with your next order. 

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