Thursday, October 09, 2014

With October underway, Halloween is on everybody’s minds

Swamp Creature
Lady Crypt Raider
Only 21 days left until Halloween and this year Halloween is on a Friday and Halloween on a Friday is a retailer's dream because more adults participate in the holiday. Tracy Reynolds of NRF is predicting "this year will set a record for Halloween costume sales; the average person will spend $77.52 with total spending reaching $7.4 billion"

We have rounded up the top 5 costumes from our Movie & Pop email, Swamp Creature, Zombie Hunter, Crazy Cabbie, Lady Crypt Raider and Rosie the Riveter; we have plenty more options for popular TV and movie-themed costumes, check out our list by clicking here or click here for our Halloween Digital Catalog. 

Swamp Creature: Rothco Lightweight Ghillie Suit - 64127

Zombie Hunter
Zombie Hunter: Rothco Short Sleeve Khaki Uniform Shirt - 30035, Rothco Brown SWAT Cloth BDU Pants - 5985, Rothco Black Uniform Hi-Gloss Oxford Shoes - 5055, Rothco Brown Military Campaign Hat - 5655, Rothco Duty Belt - 10570, Rothco Black Dual Magazine Pouch - 10572

Crazy Cabbie: Rothco Olive Drab M-65 Jacket - 8238, Rothco Khaki BDU Pants - 7901, Rothco White Uniform Shirt - 30000, Rothco Aviator Sunglasses - 10804

Crazy Cabbie
Lady Crypt Raider: Rothco Women's Olive Drab Casual Tank Top - 4276, Rothco Women's Olive Drab Short Shorts - 3176, Rothco Undercover Shoulder Holster - 10564Rothco Black Tactical Holster - 10550, Rothco Duty Belt - 10570, Rothco Black G.I. Wool
Fingerless Gloves - 8411

Rosie the Riverter: Rothco Navy Flight Suit - 7503, Rothco Red TrainmanBandana - 4142, Rothco Combat Boots - 5075

Rosie the Riveter

Do you like these 5 top options? Which one will you chose to go as this year?

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