Friday, May 30, 2014

Went to a Zombie Race and a Military Mud Run Broke Out

Be Crazier Than the Zombies
Earlier this month, my wife and I took part in something called Zombie Race Long Island, an event I participated in last year during the height of the zombie apocalypse craze. The course is set on a beautiful combination of woodlands, farmland and beachfront that also included some steep hills, barricades, water holes and large, military-style obstacles. In fact, with a big help from the local U.S. Marine Corps recruitment center and the boot-camp type terrain they helped develop, the Zombies were the least of our concern.

They're Zombies 'Cause They're Too Slow to Race
This year's run was far more challenging than last year, with less zombies but more obstacles. Since I ran in a much earlier heat, there were also a lot more runners which caused quite a wait at some of the challenges, especially the military rope wall that I climbed despite a sprained wrist. My wife, Marjie, running her first event of this kind, did a tremendous job getting through the obstacles and looked quite fetching in all that mud!

A Couple of Tough Mudders
The zombie part of the race consists mostly of young people covered in blood chasing after and grabbing racer's flags, the same as those worn in a game of flag football. The rest of the run is essentially a tough mudder 5K, with obstacles that require you to climb over or crawl under various apparatus, some as tall as 30 feet. There's also a lot of trudging through very cold water and lots and lots of mud!

Fortunately, I had my Rothco Camo Tank Top to keep me concealed in the woods, my Rothco Army Physical Training Shorts and Rothco G I Sock Liners which dried quickly after going through those water holes and my Rothco ID/iPod Armband to keep my iPhone dry when I wasn't using it to take pictures along the course.

The Muddy End!!
The Marine Corps Brought a Little Something to Play With
Overall it was a grueling but very fun experience. Along the way I discovered the key to beating the zombies - scream loudly and run right at them!! Since I was much larger than most of the kids in the playing the zombie role, they tended to get out of my way. Unfortunately I lost my last flag to a rather sneaky zombie who was dressed like one of the racers. I can't imagine that a real zombie would be quite so cagey.

If there's a mud run or zombie race in your neck of the woods (pun intended), I highly recommend you jump in with both feet! Just make sure you wear a pair of running shoes you're willing to discard afterwards.

Happy racing and beat those zombies!

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