Friday, May 23, 2014

Trust In Rothco Winner Announced

Earlier this year Rothco asked our dealers to tell us why the Trust In Rothco, the amount of positive responses we received was overwhelming and very hard choose from! After days of deliberation we finally did choose a winner and we are happy to announce the winner of the Trust in Rothco Contest as Irving Frank of Portsmouth Armie-Navie Store, Portsmouth VA. 

Everyone here at Rothco would like to thank all those who participated in the contest, it was not easy to choose a winner and all of the testimonials can be found at and if you follow us on twitter & facebook, I am sure you have seen a few posted throughout social media with the hashtag #trustinrothco. Below you will find the the testimonial from Irving of Portsmouth Armie-Navie Store. 

"It started in the late 1950’s on the Lower East side when my father, Joe Frank, would go to New York buying and visit Morris Rothenberg & Son. There was no UPS or internet. Milton Somberg would allow my father to pick thru the used army boots and pack them himself in such a manner that he could tell if any boots had been changed. Later, on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, I remember going to the warehouse with my father and starting to learn the business. We would also go to a Mets baseball game. Milton was the cordial, mild mannered, always honest leader than has continued to this day.  

The move to Long Island followed as Rothco grew which was followed by their first computer system, installed to eliminate Howard’s illegible handwriting as much as it was forward thinking towards the technology. As Rothco grew throughout the years, so has their product offering. The catalogue has grown to the point that I could fill almost every important military and outdoor product offering from the Rothco catalogue.  This type of growth usually creates an impersonal company that is all about the “bottom line”. Not at Rothco.

Today, Rothco has evolved into, without question, the most efficient, most in stock, fastest shipping vendor I deal with. Like all businesses, they are not perfect. But problems are resolved quickly and to the satisfaction of all involved. 

Early one January 35-40 years ago, I was hesitant to order more winter gear.  Milton’s answer was “there is life after Christmas”. That is a statement I never forget. Today, I consider the Somberg family to be both business partners and personal friends. Milton, Howard, and Marc, of Blessed Memory, have been pioneers in our industry and set the  “Standard of Excellence” all of us should strive to achieve." 

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