Friday, April 18, 2014


Style, Form & Function; Boonie Hats have it all...

...and Rothco has all the boonie hats you could ever need or want!!! Boonie hats which are also referred to as a bush hat or bucket hat were introduced to the US Armed Forces almost 50 years ago during the Vietnam War and are still commonly used by military forces  today and can be seen everywhere from camp grounds to coachella.
Rothco's Boonie Hat in MultiCam 

The features of the hat which include a wide brim and screened vents, make it ideal for protecting your head & face from the harsh elements of the outdoors. The branch loops will allow you to take your camouflage game to the next level by inserting tree and leaf branches into the hat to give you even more coverage. 

Rothco's Tactical Boonie Hat
Rothco offers a wide range of boonie hats from the classic Vietnam Era Tiger Stripe Camo Boonie to a more standard ACU Camo Boonie. In fact Rothco carries over 35 + different styles & colors and this year Rothco also introduced two new styles of boonies our Coolweight Boonie that features a special moisture wicking material to keep you cool & dry and our new Tactical Boonie Hat which has special loop fasteners for patches/ID and or IF marker at the top of the hat. 

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