Tuesday, January 14, 2014

13 Of The Most Sought After Items of 2013

13 can be a very lucky number! 

Take a look back with Rothco as we highlight the top items from 2013. From new items like our line of Tactical Soft Shell Jackets to classics like our combat boots, 2013 will be sure to go down in the history books! Checkout below as we highlight our most sought after products, from both the 2013 Catalog and the best new product of the year. .

The Classics - nothing represents Rothco like these essential items. A must have for any dealer, these items cross decades & markets. 

1. Rothco's G.I Style Jungle Boots [5081]

2. Rothco's Woodland Camo T- Shirt [8777]  

3. BDU Pants [7971]

4. M-65 Field Jackets & MA-1 Flight Jackets 

5. Rothco's Camo BDU Pants [7941]

6. Rothco's Shemagh Tactical Scarf 

7. Nylon Paracord 

Then New Standards - introduced over the past couple of years these "new" items become extremely popular from the tactical to fashion market and are truly the best of 2013!

8. Polyester Paracord 

9. Rothco's Special Ops Tactical Softshell Jacket 

10. Rothco's M.O.L.L.E Plate Carrier Vest 

11. Rothco's Combat Shirts 

13. Rothco's Deluxe 4-Pocket Chinos 

I can't wait to see what makes it on to the list next year! Start your guesses here

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