Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rothco's New Site: What Others Are Saying...

This month Rothco will be launching a new site and we have been previewing it with dealers. In recent days you might of noticed a note on the current encouraging visitors to check out the new site. Well...If you haven't done so, now is your chance to join everyone else in the preview of the site

Here is some feedback about the new site from some of the first Beta Testers...

"The keyword search results are more organized and easier to navigate" - Beta Tester

"Overall the site looks great, navigation is easy and dog tags are cool too. The gold logo looks great against that dark green background." - Beta Tester

"New site has shorter and more concise navigational bar, the old site had one that went on for what seemed like pages. " - Beta Tester 

"On the old site items were harder to find it seemed and this is better with that little added feature (Family/group)" - Beta Tester

"Keeps the site well organized and uncluttered" - Beta Tester

"I like it a lot all on one page! Excellent job"-  - Beta Tester

"110% nicer than the old site, I really like the new subdued look of the site" - Beta Tester

Well just don't take other peoples word for it; test the new & improved site out yourself at As a dealer you can even place live orders, just like you would the old site! After you have a chance to review the site be sure to leave us some feedback, just click the red tab on the right hand side of your screen. We look forward to your feedback as well.

Look for the new by the end of August.


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