Friday, August 02, 2013

Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo

When it comes to the topic of emergency preparedness, what do you think of? Protection? Survival? Escape? All things, people and places that we hold dear to us can be at risk if a plan isn't in place. There are countless examples of this, from natural disasters like fires, floods and severe storms, to dangerous events like civil unrest, military takeovers, and terrorism. Many times people believe they are exempt of such happenings, and to an extent these may realistically be an unlikely occurrence.

For civilians, preparing for an emergency can take the form of casual, moderate, or extreme measures, but regardless, preparing for an emergency is important. The basics of food, water, shelter, health, safety and other amenities towards adapting to doomsday or disaster scenarios should always be considered. The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo (GLEPE) explores the dynamic of preparing on each of these levels.

The Expo focuses on satisfying these basic human needs, educating attendees on tactics and techniques for surviving, and offering a range of useful products to help during an emergency. GLEPE exhibitors will be showcasing select products for emergency preparedness, including camping gear, solar energy kits, outdoor supplies, radio equipment, alternative oils, educational resources, alternative energy options, and much more.

There will also be hand-selected speakers to offer in-depth, informative presentations on the concepts that will help in the event of an emergency or survival situation; such topics covered will be the value and implementation of radio communication, bushcraft and survival skills in an outdoor/wilderness environment, finding the best in quality outdoor products and tools (and how to use them), and preserving and growing food and nutrients naturally, among others.

Ultimately, the purpose of GLEPE is to offer businesses a chance to reach a growing customer base with the necessary products, information, and skills for becoming prepared and developing plans. From doomsday preppers and extreme survivalists to novices and beginners, GLEPE aims to explain and cater towards the basics, from building the ideal bug out bag to creating a contingency plan for your family or business.
There is still room for exhibitors at the Great Lake Emergency Preparedness Expo! If you are a small business, vendor, or independent expertise with products, information, and anything else that would connect to the hot topic of emergency and disaster preparedness, this Expo is for you.

Visit for more information about the Expo and how to become an exhibitor, and don't forget to visit us on Facebook and Twitter as well. We would like to extend a big thanks to Rothco for providing us the opportunity to contribute to the blog. Stay tuned for more information about survival and emergency preparedness!

Kiernan Manion @ David Castlegrant and Associates

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