Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rothco's Recycling Project

Rothco has found another way to give back to our local community! With the addition of 5 large recycling bins, Rothco will be collecting and cashing in our recyclables to not only reduces our carbon footprint but to raise money for one of Rothco’s chosen sponsored charities.

Over the past four summers I have interned at Rothco and recently became aware of the lack of recycling bottles within the office and warehouse that combined exceeds over 200 employees. 

I then pitched the idea of the introduction of recycling bins for cans/bottles/glass. Since the state of New York allows 5¢-10¢ for many beverage containers, I thought it would be great to give back this money to one of Rothco’s chosen sponsored charities. I am amazed how quickly my project has come together and all of the support I have received from Rothco.  

By Gina Brosi @ Rothco

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