Monday, May 13, 2013

Rothco's Camping Checklist

Let the camping begin...
...Well at least not till you checkout our ultimate list of camping essentials from Rothco. Our council of camping experts has put together the ultimate camping checklist to make sure your next trip into the great outdoors is a great one. 

Because no matter how many apps you have on your phone, that fire is not going light it self without here are the tools you will need for camping.
- Folding Camping Saw
- 5-in-1 Multi-Tool
- Jungle Survival Kit Knife
- Aurora Fire Starter
- Folding Shovel
- Survival Kit
- Nylon Paracord
- Commando Wire Saw

In case you get hungry and that power bar isn't going to cut it...
- Rothco's Two Position Pocket Stove
- Solid Fuel Cubes
- Portable Commando Cooker
- GI Type Stainless Steel Mess Kit
- Emergency Food Rations
- Chow Kit
- GI Type P-51 Can Opener
- Aluminum Canteen Cup 
- Canteen Cup Stove & Stand

 Additional gear that guaranteed to make your trip better! 

- Kerosene Lateran
- GI Type Flashlight
- Water Purification Tablets
- First Aid Kit
- 5 Gallon Collapsible Water Carrier
- GI Type Canteen & Cover 
- Portable Toilet
- Insect Repellent
- Binoculars
- Solar Charger
- Solar & Windup Radio
- Emergency Poncho
- Medium Transport Pack
- Advanced Tactical Bag 

And for for sleeping under the stars, here is a list of things that might come in handy

Camouflage2-Man Trail Tent

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