Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jack's Back

Not to many TV shows come back from the dead but if any show knows a thing or two about bringing back things from the dead its 24, well that and of course the Walking Dead but we will save a post about that show for another time!

So how many of you are excited for the return of this historic show? I know I am, and what I am even more excited about is to see whether or not Jack returns with his Rothco Classic Messenger Bag aka "The Jack Bauer Bag". Jack famously wore Rothco's messenger bag throughout season 5 of the show, one could even say he made the E.D.C famous that season and with a bag like that, how could he not! 
Style 9148 

Rothco's Vintage Classic Messenger Bag is ideal for anyone, whether you are fighting terror or just textbooks, its large size [15" x 11" x 6"] it the perfect fit to carry all your needs. In addition to its 3 outside pockets, the bag also has an interior zipper pouch. It is also constructed from a heavy weight canvas that is extremely durable and makes for the perfect bag. And if you feel like sporting a different color than Jack - checkout Rothco entire collection, a lot has changed since 2006 and we now carry 15 colors of this very bag! 

Here's to the countdown to the return of 24! 

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By Kristy Dineen @ Rothco