Friday, March 01, 2013

Introducing Rothco's Digital Catalog App!

First there was our Mobile App, now Rothco's got a new innovative Digital Catalog Builder Application for authorized Rothco dealers.
Rothco's innovative new Digital Catalog Builder App is an easy-to-use application that allows dealers to customize our catalogs with direct links to their sites.

This easy-to-use application gives dealers access to  7 different Rothco Catalogs, that can link to over 4000 items! 
Getting started is simple! If you are an authorized dealer then you should checkout our how to guide, located in the Dealer Tool Section of Below are also some key points to remember when setting up this application. 
  1. Log-In to, just like you would at
  2. Choose a unique URL - it should be something that represents your current site and company 
  3. Once a link between an item has been done - it never has to be done again! Meaning if Rothco releases another catalog and for example item 4886 is in it, it will automatically be linked for future catalogs
  4. There are two ways of linking the product from the catalog to your website
      • If your URL structure contains Rothco's item #, then use method 1 in the instructions 
      • If your URL does not contain Rothco's item #, then use method 2, the simple copy & paste method    
    The Catalog Builder App is just one of many new digital tools Rothco has been developing for 2013. If you are looking to become an authorized dealer and have access to over 4000 items with a 99% in stock rate and innovative digital tools like this catalog app, then apply today at

    If you are already a Rothco Dealer you can get started building your catalog today at!  

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