Monday, October 29, 2012

Surviving For Sandy, When Frankenstorm Starts Knocking At Your Door!

Storm Prep on the Beaches of Long Beach
When you live across the street from the ocean being prepared for a hurricane is almost second nature, that and getting a good tan. But as Sandy barrels towards my sandy shores of NY, I am glad I picked up some prepper skills from my time here at Rothco

While others filled their houses with bread and milk, I stocked up on these. As they rummage through their house for some old D batteries for the flash light, I have my trusty Solar Flashlight with hand crank feature. And when everyone else gets board when the power goes out and everyone's electronic devices die, I've got 100 feet of my trusty Paracord to pass the time by making some survival bracelets. This also may come in handy but lets home I don't have to use them! 
Whatever my come my I know I got a leg up on most thanks to my trusty Bug Out Bag and having warehouse full of great product to help me wait out the storm also helps.

To everyone in the storm's path - stay safe!

 Kristy Dineen @ Rothco

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