Friday, April 06, 2012

Rothco...Still Growing After 60 Years!

Plans for Rothco's Future Expansion
While 2012 has just begun, Rothco is already looking ahead to 2013 to expand our corporate headquarters. 2013 just so happens to also be our 60th Anniversary. There are not many companies out there today that can say that they are still growing after being in business for over a half a century. But Rothco can!

2012 has already proven to be an extremely busy year for us. We have already expanded our current office space to include over 20 new desks and updated our packing area to allow us to run 44 packing stations at one time! 

And now we are looking to add 60,000 sq feet for an additional warehouse.  60,000 sq ft for 60 years ~ I like the sound of that! 
This expansion will allow us to better serve our dealers by keeping even higher inventory on all 3700 plus products (with more to come, I am sure).

By 2013 Rothco will go from having 155,000 sq ft to over 200,000 sq ft. I can' think of a better way to celebrate our 60 years of business. None of which could of been done without the support of our dealers and customers.

Here's to an amazing 2012 and  groundbreaking (excuse the pun) 2013! 

To keep track of our growth become a fan of Rothco, I am sure I will be posting pictures of our expansion as it moves along.

By: Kristy Dineen @ Rothco

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