Friday, November 04, 2011

Rothco's Vintage Apparel Appeal

A classic M65 Jacket
From the streets to the runways, vintage military fashion has really taken hold and Rothco is leading the pack!

A day does not go by when I do not see people incorporating the classic look of military apparel into their everyday style. From a classic M-65 Field Jacket to a Fatigue Cap. Military is becoming more and more important in the world of fashion and vintage apparel and accessories has become more important than ever.

For spring Rothco's vintage M65 Field Pants as well as Rothco's eight pocket Paratrooper Fatigues proved to be true staples.  Billy from Dr. Jay's said "If you want classic American vintage, Rothco is your best bet."
Tiger Style!
Rothco's Tiger Stripe Fatigue Pan

While walking the trade show's in New York City recently, I came across several companies who were showing their versions of military fatigues as high as $80 to $120 wholesale! The best part about my encounter with these companies is that, while they were showing their companies fatigues on the floor of the show, they were actually wearing Rothco's fatigues themselves, a true testament to the value and authenticity of a pair of Rothco vintage fatigue pants.

O.D Vintage Rothco
Paratrooper Fatigue
Casey from Shelmar said "I've been working with many smaller trendy companies and I keep on seeing their version of military apparel and Rothco often comes up as their inspiration" Casey then contacted Rothco to buy the original.

They say intimation is the sincerest form flattery, then boy are we flattered! In a recent trip to a major department store in NYC (I will hide their identity for the sake of this blog but let's just say... It was a true miracle on 34th Street!)  I came across their private label collection, which was a mixture of denim and vintage military apparel and accessories. And it was real easy to see Rothco's Vintage Clothing was a huge inspiration to their line of apparel.

While fashion companies are always changing with the seasons and whats trendy at the moment. From our Vintage Paratrooper Fatigue Pants and Shorts to our Vintage Shirts and Outwear. At Rothco we stay true to our roots making timeless, vintage clothing that transcends fads and offers classic, lasting quality and appeal.

By Darin Kaye