Friday, September 16, 2011

A Rothco Review: Our Vintage Bag Collection

Rothco's Israeli Paratrooper Shoulder Bag item # 8128
From the classic Messenger Bags to the Vintage Canvas Flight Bags, Rothco's Vintage Bag collection has become a must have accessory in today's fashion world. The collection of bags is fun, fashionable and versatile. There aren't many bags out there that can be seen from classroom to a boardroom but Rothco's can! From a book bag like our European Rucksack for school to a guy in a "suit and tie" who is looking to boost his style with a classic Messenger Bag; Rothco's Vintage Bag Collection in perfect for anyone. 

G.I Style Helmet Bat Item # 2449
Not only are these bags fashionable for everyone but they are highly functional as well. A majority of our bags offer both interior and exterior pockets, for example our M-51 Engineers Bag a.k.a "the ultimate carry-all for business and travel" offers dozens of compartments, pouches, and pen folder, storm flap, cell phone pouch and much more and is perfect for anyone on the go. A majority of all our vintage bags have at more than 4 compartments, which makes them so useful and practical. And a lot of the bags have padded straps and handles, this way when you fill them full of stuff you won't hurt your back or shoulder.
Vintage Backpack item #9162
Spotted on TV

The most amazing thing about our bags is that I've seen them everywhere, from the streets of New York City to small screen. Most recently you can spot Rothco's Vintage Mini "Star" Backpack on ABC Family's, the Lying Game as seen in the picture on the left.

  I have also seen people take our vintage bags like the Musette Bag and use our canvas bags like they would a canvas piece of art. Checkout (picture on the right) how someone took inspiration from the hit books the Hunger Games and created a bag all their own. Rothco has also started added some embellishment to our own bags, like our Vintage Pathfinder Laptop Bag, which not only has a leather bottom but leather accents as well.

Rothco's line of vintage bags is constantly expanding, just today in our product meeting we talked about adding new colors to some of our classic bags, I am pretty sure that in a few month's I will be writing another blog on our ever expanding collection!

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