Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Rothco Review: Back that Booty Short Line Up

ACU Digital Booty
Shorts & Tank
The Rothco Booty Short was first introduced in 2007 with just two colors, Woodland Camo and Olive Drab, immediately we saw a huge positive reaction from our customers and quickly introduced another color, Pink Camo. After another successful reaction we decided to add matching tanks top and in 2008 the Booty Short Line was created and history was made!
Desert Digital Booty
Shorts & Tank
Today we offer 14 different varieties on tanks and shorts including Army Digital, Police, Fire Fighter, Biker, and Smokey Branch. The Rothco Booty Short Line has been an amazing seller for all types of dealers like traditional Army & Navy stores, Screen Printers, Uniform Shops and Apparel retailers. The Rothco Booty Short line fits any retail location.

The booty shorts can be worn as underwear or lounge wear, and the tanks are the perfect compliment to jeans (my favorite article of clothing). With 14 different styles they will match any style of jeans. Tank, jeans, belt, and flip flops equal the perfect outfit! Men are buying the shorts as an impulse item for their wives and girlfriends, so it’s important to carry both the shorts and the tanks.
Baby Pink Camo 
Booty Shorts & Tank

Biker Booty Shorts & Tank
The Women’s Booty Camp Shorts and Tanks Tops are our number one women’s line. Jim Nesmith from Jim’s G I Depot, Cookeville, TN says’ “If you are selling the booty shorts you need the matching tank to go with it. If you aren’t selling these…what are you waiting for?”

The booty shorts and tanks are available in sizes XS to 2XL, they are slim fit, with a cotton and spandex blend that are pre-hung on hangers. Coming Soon  in early 2012 are the Bombshell Booty Short and Tank and Lock Down Booty Short and Tank. If you have an idea for the next booty short please email
Coming in 2012

Coming in 2012