Monday, May 02, 2011

A Rothco Tradition

Founder Milton Somberg addressing the  Rothco Team
I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of Rothco's Traditions. As you may know Rothco has been in business for nearly 60 years and is full of history and traditions. One of these traditions is for every Rothco employee to come together in a toast celebrating Passover and Easter.

Every spring we enter into a very joyful holiday season with Passover and Easter falling around the same time we are lucky enough to be able to celebrate these holidays together not only as co-workers but as a family.

Milton and his son, Howard sharing a Toast
Milton Somberg founder of Rothco, started this holiday tradition over 50 years ago, back when there were only 3 staff members in a small building in Manhattan raising their glasses to the holiday. And now this toast has grow to over 150 employees coming together. The location has changed over the years but the meaning behind this tradition has stayed the same. A tradition that is rooted in a simple belief that we can come together and celebrate as one.
Rothco Team Members Enjoying the Libations

So this past Thursday every Rothco employee gathered in our warehouse to honor this tradition. We raised our glasses to another year of hope and prosperity. It was a perfect way to celebrate a time honored tradition.

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