Friday, August 13, 2010

Preparing your Web Marketing for the busy season

At Rothco, we have resourced, commissioned, studied, reviewed & compared the trends of our niche going back to 2004. Rothco has maintained it's consistency in this market by understanding our customers needs.

As mentioned by many of Rothco's distributors, "in tough times; the Rothco products sells better than other brands."

The busy season for 2010 is coming & you need to get ready, now. We have growing trends with the products you sell & it's important to take advantage these trends.

Your Web Marketing strategies are just as important (if not more) as your normal advertising strategies. Online search is integrated into almost every electronic device nowadays. This allows the users instant access to variety, choices, & convenience. Online search has now integrated Social Networks and you should be aware of it's effects.

On average, Rothco has 20,000 new links being posted in search engines every 24-36 hours. Rothco is poised for Q4 with a multitude of web marketing strategies and we will be posting new blog posts to inform, educate & guide our distributors.

Topics: Google, Yahoo, Social media. Product search tools, Mobile market, website development, Rich media (video, etc), PPC strategies, Local marketing, Nich targeting and most importantly; how to tie them all together.

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