Monday, March 22, 2010

Military Fashion - Big in Japan (and the U.S., too)

Hot off the runways in Tokyo, the latest from Japanese designer Daisuke Obana's N. Hoolywood brand. Since Rothco has a very long history in the Japanese market, we are very aware of their affection for military clothing. The new line, however, is a real embrace of military clothing from America and elsewhere in the world.
In a blog post on, N. Hoolywood's fall/winter collection is detailed. For those of us in the surplus business and especially here at Rothco, a lot of the product's look very familiar. For starters, the tan jacket at top with the slanted pockets looks an awful lot like Rothco's Vintage Vietnam Fatigue Shirt. The Olive wool overpants below that, are very similar to our Vintage M-65 Field Pants right down to the leg ties coming from the pockets. One of the models can actually be seen wearing an looks to be a Rothco ALICE Pack to accessorize his outfit. And the last model pictured here is clearly wearing a pair of Rothco Jungle Boots, currently our hottest item in Japan and getting hotter every day in the U.S.

The good news for Rothco dealers around the world is that military fashion is back with a vengeance for both men and women (see Camouflage & Military Looks for Women: They're Baaaaaaaack! for more on women's miltary fashion) so this Spring, Summer and Fall should be great for all of us. Everything from Berets to those old Eisenhower jackets should be flying off the shelves. Be sure to take advantage by keeping on eye on this blog as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest news. Find similar items in your store, put outfits together and put them on a mannequin. Don't be afraid to mix new goods with surplus, this will just add to the authenticity and help you increase your margins.

If you want more ideas on how to increase your fashion sales, contact one of our experienced Rothco sales staff and watch your sales get big this fall.

John Ottaviano
Director of Sales & Marketing

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