Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Camouflage & Military Looks for Women: They're Baaaaaaaack!

The longer I work in the military clothing business, the shorter the cycles are between "military fashion rebirths". Not that I'm complaining, this is good news for all of us who sell military clothing. Via the Google Alerts program, I've been seeing news stories and blog posts day after day about the burgeoning military fashion trend for men and women. With the fashion shows in New York and Paris just completed, the interwebs are thick with pictures and news of this trend.

Last month, Vogue published it's March "Military" issue featuring a huge spread of Women's Military Clothing. The clothing is very high end and expensive, but many of you will have Rothco or surplus items that you can offer to savvy women looking for that great military look at lower prices. Rothco's Womens Blazer, Womens Peacoat and Khaki Fatigue Shirt will give very similar looks to those in the Vogue piece. We also have great accessories like our Canvas Pistol Belts, Vintage Canvas Bags and Womens Vintage Fatigue Caps that will give the same great looks at a fraction of the cost of the items featured in the Vogue layout.

On Monday, the New York Times had an interesting article on the reemergence of military and camouflage fashions in Paris, and it featured a Rothco customer, Doursoux Surplus the leading army surplus store in Paris and, perhaps, all of France. Here's an excerpt from the article:

The Scene: Doursoux, an Army-Navy supply store on a side street near the Gare Montparnasse.
“This is pure Dries!” said an American fashion stylist, rummaging through a pile of French combat fatigues, referring to Dries Van Noten, whose collection was one of many here to use military uniforms as a point of departure. At 30 euros (about $40), they were a fraction of what many designer pants cost.

Three days into the week, buyers from stores like Bloomingdale’s had already followed her into the bins of vintage fatigues and Russian army coats and vinyl kit bags devised for the Japanese army. Troops of the Japanese editors who descend on the city during Fashion Week had cleaned the place out of the nipped camouflage jackets and blanket-weight peacoats that Junya Watanabe used as the basis for a show that Julie Gilhart, the fashion director of Barneys New York, called “really commercial and sellable.”

Today, a blog called Cheap Chic Daily landed in my inbox with a great spread on very fashionable camouflage womens clothing called  Cheap Chic Shopping: Cover in camouflage for Spring. It features fashionable camo looks at what it claims to be discount prices, but you can get similar looks at Rothco for less: Womens Camo Short Shorts, Womens Camo Short Skirt and Womens Camo Flare Pants.

When it comes to military fashion for men or women, there's little need to go any further than Rothco for great military quality fashion clothing at army navy surplus prices.

See you on the runway!!

John Ottaviano

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