Thursday, December 31, 2009

It’s Freezing Outside!

A blog published by Noice which focuses on undergraduate life at Harvard had an interesting post. It was called “It’s Freezing Outside!” the blog post went on to advise students about the best coats and winter accessories to wear in arctic weather. They went on to advise people about the importance of staying warm in the winter time as well as being fashionable. Although the importance of staying warm seems like common sense the fashionable part…well for some, not as easy. It featured a bunch of items such as Parkas, Pea Coats, Rubber Boots and Hats. Which for the winter months these items are necessity. What wasn’t so necessary are the prices in which these items were listed…

Items that were listed are Rothco Staples when it comes to winter. Parkas listed for $160/Rothco’s Retail 61.99, Pea Coats for $127/Rothco’s Retail 99.99, Winter Boots for $199/ Rothco’s Retail 32.99, and the best selling Fur Flyers Hat for $168/ Rothco’s Retail 19.99! Rothco stocks every item listed for a substantial amount less. You don’t have to go to Harvard to realize what is going on here…

Rothco has the goods to keep your warm, the goods to keep your customers looking fashionable, and the goods that won’t cost your customer’s an arm and a leg.

Have a very safe and happy New Year!
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