Monday, November 23, 2009

Core Values: Online Success this Holiday Season & Happy Business Owners

Two recent seemingly unrelated articles are very interesting and relevant to our industry and partners, most particularly to those who own their own business.

The first is an interview on with Kevin Ertell, Vice President, Retail Strategy at ForeSee Results. He speaks about what he expects to see from online retailers this holiday season, and, despite all the discussion about social networking and Web 2.0, he thinks most online retailers will depend upon the tried and true, search engine and e-mail marketing.

He also offers this anecdotal observation about the upcoming holiday shopping season:

"I’m also starting to hear people talk about this idea of “frugality fatigue.” They’ve been saving money, and maybe it’s time to spend a little, buy a little bit."

Finally, there is this observation about the best thing online retailers can do to improve their customer loyalty:

"I see tons and tons of opportunity, particularly online, in just improving the customer experience. So, if sites focus more on that core usability, they can see a lot of bang for the buck on improving their ability to meet customers’ needs. If you do that, then price, while it will never be a non-factor, can become a lesser factor"

Very informative interview, you can read all of it here

Another interesting article that came across the web comes from the folks at Gallup. In an article entitled

"Business Owners Richer in Well-Being Than Other Job Types", the folks at Gallup surmised:

"Business owners have the highest overall well-being of any occupational group according to Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index data collected in the first eight months of 2009, ... The high well-being of self-employed business owners is particularly interesting in light of recent findings that business owners work longer hours than do people in any other occupational category. Their high well-being, despite working longer hours, supports Gallup research showing that working long hours is only highly detrimental to well-being for those who are less engaged in their work. In terms of income, business owners, on average, make slightly less than professionals and managers/executives, but still eclipse these groups in well-being."

So there you have it. Though they work longer hours, the fact that business owners work for themselves make the time spent there that much more rewarding. Putting the wisdom of both articles together, one can only surmise that those business owners who have optimized their websites for a great visitor experience will be the happiest people of them all!!

Have a great Thanksgiving and a busy Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

John Ottaviano

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