Friday, November 14, 2008

Mucho Rothco Featured in ASI's Wearables Magazine

Yes, indeed, Rothco is everywhere once again. This time in the Advertising Specialty Institute's (ASI) magazine Wearables . In fact, we are all over the magazine, with five products in this month's issue.

In their Fashion Sense section there is a section on military trends with Rothco's Booty Camp Shorts and our hard to get Shemaghs.

The Hot Product Showcase section focuses on Footwear and Socks and features our Woodland Camo Slip-On Sneakers and Pink Camo Hi-Top Sneakers . They also show our Wigwam All Terrain Hiker Socks and tout their CoolMax moisture wicking properties.

You really can't get away from it. Wherever you go, there's Rothco with some of the best variety of military and outdoor clothing anywhere. Got a picture of Rothco products in the press or on the street? Send it to me at

Have a great weekend!