Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Sexy Police Officer

As I promised here's another Halloween Costume idea courtesy of your friends at Rothco. With only 9 more days till Halloween here is a perfect costume that is a combination of some basic Rothco public safety accessories. Believe it or not, women LOVE to dress up and show a little skin and this costume was created with this in mind. Police Officers ranked very high among female and male costumes for 2008. And don't forget we've got the men's version of this costume, too.

I hope by now your store is fully stock with the "Halloween must
have's", if not contact any sales associate here and we'll be glad to help you.

Make sure you're helping to provide your customers an escape from the gloom of current events so they can let loose and have fun this Halloween! Check back Friday for some more Halloween costume ideas.

The Sexy Police Officer Complete Costume Kit:

3877 Women's Blue ''Police Booty" Booty Shorts

30000 White L/S Police Uniform Shirt

30081 Blue Velcro Tie

5661 Ultra Force 8 Point Police/Security Cap

1907 Gold Special Police Badge

10201 Mirror Af Type Sunglass W/Case

5081 Ultra Force Black Jungle Boots

ToniMarie Anselmo

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