Monday, April 28, 2008

The Devil Went Down to Georgia Looking For Camouflage

Got a call recently from some folks who are providing merchandise for the upcoming Charlie Daniels Band tour. They ordered some of our Womens Camouflage Spaghetti Strap Tank Top which led me to the merchandise page at Charlie Daniels' website. To my surprise, they already carry Rothco merchandise, specifically our Army Digital Camouflage Tees and Fatigue Cap, printed up with the Charles Daniel Band logo.

Besides a healthy does of nostalgia for the heyday of Southern Rock in the late '70s, what does this all mean to us? Well, while you all know me by day as a mild-mannered sales and marketing guy, each Monday night I'm a radio DJ at WUSB radio 90.1 FM in Stony Brook, NY. As such, I'm pretty familiar with the music scene both locally and nationally. While Rothco clothing has been part of merchandise offerings for established artists like the Rolling Stones and Neil Young we've also been worn by newer artists like Omarion and The Lox. Even local bands are now offering tees and other apparel with their logos on it and you might be able to provide those bands with some of this merchandise, especially if you can offer them printing services as well.

Where would you find music artists in your local area? Many of them can be found listed in your local music and entertainment magazines that are distributed in record stores and nightclubs. You can reach out to the bands individually (almost every band has a page at MySpace ) or you can even put a low-cost ad in the music papers themselves offering your services. Pretty much every type of contemporary music has picked up on the military look in the past, including hip-hop, rock & roll, indie rock, electronic dance, country, reggae etc. Local bands would be attracted to the quick turnaround and low minimums an independent retailer can offer.

Good luck with any forays you make into the music merchandising business and please let us know about YOUR success stories.

John Ottaviano

P S If you're looking for the best in modern Southern Rock, I highly suggest the Drive-By Truckers

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