Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Going Camping? Don’t Leave Home Without The Right Gear

Going camping? Don't leave home without these must-have camping essentials.

Camping is a great experience for anyone looking to venture into the great outdoors. Here at Rothco, we love the experience of camping as well. Below is a list of items we find essential for any excursion into the wilderness.

For our shelter selection, we have highlighted 2 items that will give you optimal protection and warmth from the outdoor elements. The first item is our Foam Sleeping Pad, perfect for laying out on the bottom of the tent, the sleeping pad cushions your body while removing dampness you help keep you dry. Secondly, the G.I. Type Poncho Liner (aka woobie) is super versatile and can be used as a liner for a poncho or as a sleeping bag or blanket to help aid in keeping you warm.
Food and Water
Easily store and carry water with our Plastic Canteen. Designed for military personnel, the army canteen is very durable and provides a convenient way to hold your water. Rothco's Stainless Steel Mess Kit is perfect for cooking your food over a campfire. On top of that, the mess kit comes with a two-compartment plate that fits on top of the pan.

Fire Starting Accessories
Rothco's Waterproof Match Box safely stores your matches, tinder, and other small fire starting accessories so you can easily start a fire for cooking, sterilizing water, and warmth. A striking strip is featured on the bottom of the match case as well.

Camping Lights

Having a source of light is important when you go camping. Rothco offers a Solar Lantern Torch And Charger that will not only provide light through the lantern or flashlight feature, but the solar charger can charge an electronic device via the USB port.
First Aid Kit

In case of an injury, bringing a first aid kit is a good idea. Featuring a variety of bandages, tape, etc, Rothco's Military Zipper First Aid Kit will have you prepared for medical emergencies.


Rothco's 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose Tool is one of the most versatile items to add to your camping gear collection. The camping multitool features multiple interchangeable heads to cut wood, dig holes, hammer stakes into the ground, and complete many other camping functions.

Bags and Packs
Finally, you need something to store all these camping essentials. Rothco's Medium Transport Pack provides plenty of space and features to attach and store all your camping gear. 

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Friday, May 10, 2019

The Gear Of The Month Is...

 Our OTG (Over The Glasses) Ballistic Goggles. 

Rothco’s OTG Ballistic Goggles will ensure optimal eye protection with 2mm thick polycarbonate lenses that meet ANSI-Z87-1 and military standards for impact protection (MIL-DTL-43511D). he tactical goggles are designed to comfortably fit a pair of glasses underneath with a 7/8” cut out on each side for the temples of the glasses.

Additional Features of the Shooting Goggles Include
  • 2mm Thick Polycarbonate Anti-Fog And Anti-Scratch Lenses
  • UV 400 Protection
  • Moveable Hinges Allow Goggles To Stay In Place While Mobile
  • Adjustable Strap With Rubber Grip For The Perfect Fit
  • Top And Bottom Vents For Breathability
  • 3/8” Foam Padding Provides Long-Lasting Comfort
  • Cleaning Cloth And Cover Included To Protect Goggles When Not In Use
Wanna See The Goggles In Action? We gave our OTG Tactical Goggles to the Daily Shooter, to do what he does best. Shoot'em Up. Watch the video below

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

50 Ways To Effectively Use A Bandana

Ever wonder how many different things you could do with a bandana? Don't underestimate this small piece of fabric as it is so much more than a handkerchief. There is a reason why Rothco sells over 50 different colors and various sizes. We came up with 50 different ways you can use a bandana, check it out below:

Cleaning Cloth
1. Firearm cleaning cloth
2. Mark a trail
3. Clean glasses, goggles, and other eyewear
4. Bullet patches for muzzleloader
5. Potholder
6. Washcloth/Towel
7. Knee/Elbow Pad
8. Firestarter
9. Coffee filter
10. Flag football or capture the flag
11. Wet face cover to escape from fire
12. Dog collar
13. Dust mask
14. Stick two ends through skydiving helmet for “bunny ears” on the jump
15. Hair tie
16. Fishing net
17. Hobo Pack
Gift Wrap

18. Head covering – tucked underneath a hat to protect your neck from the sun
19. Sling - for an injured arm or firearm
20. Cold/Hot Pack
21. Toilet paper
22. Sweatband
23. Handkerchief
24. Concealment for a concealed carry weapon
25. Tourniquet – use with a straight stick
26. Scarf
27. Socks
28. Blindfold
29. Signal flag – put on the end of a stick
30. Flashlight cover
31. Food wrap
32. Du-Rag
33. Tie things together
34. Wrapping Paper
35. Water filter
36. Weapon – fill with rocks or other debris
37. Grip other objects
38. Salad spinner/strainer

Extra Padding
39. Eye patch
40. Bookmark
41. Toothbrush – wrap around finger and begin brushing
42. Insole for shoes
43. Shoulder padding for Bug Out Bag
44. Muzzle for animals
45. Mini parachute  - for dropping small items/gear
46. Gas Cap
47. Treeline setter – fill with a heavy object and tie to a line, then throw it over a tree branch
48. Bandage
49. Kite or kite tail
50. Check for wind direction

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Friday, April 12, 2019

The Plate Carrier Vest

Rugged yet lightweight, Rothco's Plate Carrier Vest is MOLLE compatible and designed to hold soft and plate armor. Constructed from 100% heavyweight polyester (MultiCam version is heavyweight cordura nylon), our tactical vest is designed to be durable and functional out in the field. Featuring:

  • MOLLE webbing for attaching modular pouches
  • Front and back internal sleeves for soft armor and plates
  • Adjustable and detachable cummerbund with pockets
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps with quick release side buckles for easy removal

This vest is more than just a tactical vest; it's designed to protect the wearer and provide functionality when out in the field. The MOLLE webbing allows for mag pouches, first aid kits, ammo pouches and more to be attached and utilized when needed. Durable construction of the plate carrier helps to protect the torso while a padded mesh interior allows for breathable comfort. Rothco's Plate Carrier is the #1 vest for all your tactical needs. Just look at what one customer had to say about the vest himself:

Discover more about Rothco's Plate Carrier Vest in our latest video below and view it on our website

Friday, April 05, 2019

Don’t Be In The Dark Introducing Black Camo from Rothco

Rothco is extremely excited to announce the release of our highly anticipated Black Camo T-shirts. The new black camo pattern is the latest in several new camo patterns including Red, White and Blue and White Camo that have been introduced over the past year.

Check out the new Black Camo T-shirt photos below and head over to to get yours now!

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Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Rothco's Got a Brand New Bag #GOTM

Allow us to introduce you to April's Gear of the Month - Rothco's Tactical Single Sling Pack with Laser Cut MOLLE. This brand new bag provides an alternative, more efficient design for everyday carry, with its single sling capability allowing for rapid and efficient access to your tactical pack in one easy motion. Rothco's Single Sling Pack can hold all of the gear you need on your person every day with quick access to all it's storage options.

  • The padded shoulder strap is ¾” wide and features a D-ring and a quick release buckle to keep the tactical pack secure with less slack and sway. 
  • Laser cut MOLLE panels on the sides of the shoulder sling bag and on the front bottom compartment allow for additional MOLLE compatible gear to be attached for your travels. 
  • The double zipper main compartment contains an interior zippered mesh pocket for storing essential everyday tactical gear. 

You can view April's #GOTM on our website here and be sure to check out the video breakdown below for even more information on this versatile pack.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Spring Training Apparel

With spring in full swing, it’s time for a little spring training and I can’t think of a better to get into gear than with Rothco’s high-performance workout and PT Gear. Here are a few of our key items to get you ready for spring.

When I workout, I like to wear shirts that not only have an athletic fit but are lightweight and breathable. Both the Rothco PT Shirts and Women's Camo Workout Performance Tank Tops are constructed with that perfect lightweight and breathable material that will get you through each training session. In addition, tagless labels are featured on these tops as well. This is another feature I find essential as I don’t want to be distracted or uncomfortable with tags on the back of my neck.
 Rothco Olive Drab Military Physical Training T-Shirt Rothco Womens Camo Workout Performance Tank Top
Rothco’s Physical Training Shorts and Women's Camo Performance Leggings are great additions to your workout apparel collection. When I buy workout apparel, I look for items that are not only comfortable but are also built to last each training session and provide a wide range of motion. Both of these high-performance items can withstand those workouts and offer a wide range of motion with the elastic polyester/spandex material. On top of that, these items can wick away moisture to help you stay cool and dry.
 Rothco Army Physical Training Shorts Rothco Womens Camo Performance Leggings
Rothco’s Reflective Training Belt is a must-have addition to your training gear. Constructed with a high-visibility yellow color, the training belt will reflect light while you are running, cycling and/or walking during darker hours of the day.
 Rothco Reflective Physical Training Belt Rothco Lightweight Reflective PT (Physical Training) Belt
Check out for more physical training apparel to help get you through your workouts. 

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Can You Survive with Paracord?

There are probably over 100 different ways to use paracord. The strong parachute cord can be used for crafts, camping, and many other applications. Paracord, however, is more popularly used for survival. It can be used to:
  • throw up a bear hang
  • construct a shelter
  • start a fire
  • or even for fishing. 

This survival tool is extremely versatile and can really be made into anything you need! It can even be used to create different types of survival bracelets, which are a great way to keep your supply of paracord on you at all times. Watch our video below for many ways you can utilize the survival cord and shop our entire collection of paracord on our website.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Original Tactical Pant

Rothco's Tactical BDU Pants are one of the hottest trending items in the market right now. The solid color cargo pants are taking the world by storm with their comfortable cotton/polyester blend, multiple pockets and adjustable waist tabs for an ideal fit.

Tactical BDU pants are available in many different styles including a cotton rip-stop version, many different kinds of military camouflage, colored camo, relaxed fit and much more. Rothco's BDU's are ideal for uniforms, out in the field or for everyday wear as they are comfortable enough to wear all day long.

View all of the different Tactical BDU Pants Rothco has to offer on our website now.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

History Of The Waist Pack

Whether you know it as a fanny pack, a bum bag or a belly bag, the waist pack has been around for quiet sometime. In fact, it dates as far back as 3400 - 3100 BCE, in which it was a part of the attire of Otzi bka "The Iceman" which was discovered in 1991. Another origin of the waist pack is that owed to the Native American's who would make a waist pack instead of sewing pockets in their clothes. Further east in Ireland, the waist pack was very popular due to a lack of pockets in Kilts. 

For centuries the waist pack has been utilized across the globe and Rothco has taken it to the next level with our  Tactical Concealed Carry Waist Pack. The pack has 5 optimal pockets for storage along with a concealed carry compartment for a small to medium size handgun. 

Check out the pictures of out our Tactical Concealed Carry Waist Pack below and watch the video for detailed breakdown of the fanny pack here.

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Friday, March 08, 2019

Our #GOTM Can Do It All

It can slice! It can dice! Rothco's 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose Tool is really the most versatile tool on the market. With 5 different tools, there isn't anything this piece of equipment can't do. The multi-tool includes a saw attachment, an axe with a flat hammer head on the opposite end, a pickaxe, a shovel with a serrated edge and a compass! Go from cutting up firewood on your next camping trip, to digging a hole to plant seedlings on your homestead with a quick change of attachments. The heavy steel constructions makes this the most durable item in your bug out bag and it comes complete with a nylon carrying case so everything stays together. Find out more about our ultimate multi-tool on our website.

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