Friday, August 31, 2018

Peep The #GOTM For September: Uncle Milty Travel Vest On IGTV

Hey Guys, September is creeping up fast and we have to always be ahead of the game! With that being said, we are unveiling September's #GOTM one day early on IGTV, which is none other than the Uncle Milty Travel Vest. The Uncle Milty Travel Vest is ideal for traveling, the outdoors or just to wear, because who doesn’t need a dozen pockets in their life.

Check Out the Uncle Milty Vest below on IGTV and if you haven't already hit that follow button!

Happy Labor Day Folks!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Rothco Has The HOTTEST Women's Styles

Rothco's Women's Clothing line is constantly expanding, with brand new items added every year. We offer the latest in what's trending for women's fashion, including:
Check out the most recent additions to our Women's Collection today and upgrade your style with Rothco.

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Friday, August 24, 2018

Burning Man Survival Guide

Every year, for the last decade or so, people gather in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, where they live amongst each other, create funky art exhibits, drive mutant cars and eventually set fire to a large, wooden man. Also known as Burning Man, this late summer event is described as an experiment of community and art with a focus on self-reliance and community cooperation. Over 70,000 people will flock to the desert and set up camp, relying only on themselves for survival in the unforgiving climate.

If you plan on heading out to the giant desert festival, Rothco has all the gear you'll need to survive.

Water - It is extremely important to bring as much water as you can into Black Rock City. There is no water provided for any attendee, so having enough for up to 7 days is key. Canteens, reusable water bottles, and hydration systems are perfect to keep on your person while walking through the camp so you can stay hydrated while exploring away from your own campsite. Something like Rothco's 5-gallon collapsible water carrier would be ideal for transporting all of your water into the camp as well.

Shelter - Since there are no hotels in Black Rock City, bringing some type of shelter you can set up in the camp is ideal. Tents, tarps and even polar shield survival blankets are great ways to keep yourself protected from the sun and other extreme elements.

Goggles/Sunglasses - Duststorms are extremely common in the desert and can cause damage to your skin, face, and eyes. Always keep a pair of goggles or sunglasses with you at all times as these storms can happen at any time.

Emergency Light - The desert sun will provide enough light during the day, but you'll need something to find your way through the camp once the sun has gone down. Flashlightsheadlamps or solar lanterns would be a great item to bring with you, not only to help you find your way around at night, but it will also help keep your camp visible to other people passing through.

First Aid - Pack a first aid kit, just in case. Burning Man stresses the fact that you are responsible for your own safety and health, so keeping a small kit with you is ideal. Although there are medical tents set up around Black Rock City, these are meant for more extreme cases and injuries, so keeping a personal kit with you is important in case of a minor injury or ailment.

These are just a few of the essential items you'll need for your stay in Black Rock City. You can find all of the Burning Man gear you'll need on Rothco's website.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Follow Rothco On IGTV


IGTV has launched and you know Rothco had to get in on the action! Since the launch we have been created new video content to highlight some of our new exciting products. Below we have featured two IGTV videos, one giving you a sneak peak of our concealed carry Soft Shell Anorak. The other of our sleek Canvas Travel Portfolio Bag. Check out the videos above and if you haven't already follow up on IGTV: @ROTHCO_BRAND

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Friday, August 17, 2018

The SUPRA x Rothco Collaboration

Earlier this month, Rothco paired up with footwear brand SUPRA to create an exclusive camouflage collection, that will definitely stand out from the crowd. Two out of six styles have been launched, with upcoming releases set for September and October. Using Rothco's bold Savage Orange camouflage pattern, SUPRA took two of their most popular styles, the Vaider and the Factor, and threw in pops of the orange camo for an eye-catching execution. Check out some incredible shots of this highly anticipated collab below. These sneakers are available exclusively at Zumiez, so grab yours before they disappear!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Meet Rothco's Jeff Galloway Scholarship Recipient

Each year, Rothco takes pride in awarding a scholarship to deserving local students, to assist with college tuition and books.  The scholarship – named after Jeff Galloway, a much loved and respected former Rothco employee who did not have the benefit of college, and whose life ended tragically – is intended to allow students who would not otherwise be able to attend college, to fulfill their potential and create a better future for themselves and their families.

This year, Rothco has awarded the scholarship to Britney Santos a recent graduate from Mattituck High School who will be attending Suffolk Community College in the fall of 2018. Britney’s goal in life is to help those around her by becoming a social worker. 

“I just want to change the world and help those around me” Britney Santos

It is with great pride in her past success, and great hope for her future success, that we congratulate Britney. Our scholarship program is one of the most rewarding projects we sponsor here at Rothco. We look forward to following Britney’s journey.

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Friday, August 10, 2018


BACK TO SCHOOL is coming up fast and Rothco has got you covered with a wide variety of military and tactical backpacks that come in all sizes, colors and styles. Below we featured 3 Backpacks that are perfect for all. Check out our Canvas Tear Drop backpack, MA-1 Bomber Backpack and Vintage Flight Bag below and head over to to see many more!!


  • Dedicated Cushioned Laptop Section In Main Compartment 
  • Interior Cell Phone Pocket
  • Front Zipper Pouch 
  • Leather & Canvas


  • MA-1 Inspired Bomber Backpack
  • Large Main Compartment with Double Zipper
  • Front Zippered Compartment and MA-1 Flight Jacket Pocket
  • Iconic MA-1 Orange Lining 
  • Two Side Bottle Holders


  • Inner Pocket
  • Washed Canvas Material
  • Small Side Pocket With Hook & Loop Closure
  • Front Pocket with Contrasting Lettering with Metal Clasp Closure & Pull Tag

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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

The #GOTM For August Is...

Rothco's GOTM for August is the ideal travel companion. Available in 5 colors, the Canvas Travel Portfolio Bag features multiple credit card and ID slots, various sized pockets and more. It is designed to hold all of your gear while traveling around, keeping all of your important travel documents close to your person at all times. Check out more about the #GOTM below and on our website

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Friday, August 03, 2018

#TeamRothco Volunteer Day!

Yesterday, a team of Rothco employees had the opportunity to volunteer at the Gerald Ryan Outreach Center during their day camp. Located in Wyandanch, NY, this incredible center transforms the lives of families, individuals, and children who are struggling to break the cycle of poverty. They do this by providing food, clothing, education and employment opportunities, hope and compassion for those in crisis. 

We were lucky enough to help out during their 5 week-long summer day camp programs for local children. This program has been in place for over 30 years and provides a safe space for children during the summer time, with the efforts to get them off the streets while allowing them to learn, participate in fun activities and much more. 

The Gerald Ryan Outreach does more than just the summer camp. They are constantly helping out those in need every day, and we got to see that in action. They offer clean clothes, food, water, washroom facilities and will help them find employment, housing or other needs if they can. Before the center even opened, a line was starting to form of people from the community looking for the help this center offers. 

The Gerald Ryan Outreach Center has a back-to-school program, which is what we helped with that day. We packed over 100 backpacks with notebooks, pencils, binders, and more for children and kids of all ages from high school to kindergarten. These backpacks will be able to give students who may not be able to afford their school supplies a backpack filled with items that will allow them to be ready for the upcoming school year. 

Being able to volunteer was truly an eye-opening experience and seeing what The Gerald Ryan Outreach Center does for their community is inspiring.

For more information about the Gerald Ryan Outreach center and what they do for their community, visit their website here.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

What Is In Your Bug Out Bag?

Always be prepared is an essential motto to live by... and one of the best ways you can be prepared for an emergency situation is with a Bug Out Bag or otherwise known as a 72 Hour Survival Bag. Every Bug Out Bag will be different, a majority of the supplies you choose will be based on your preferences and location but if you, follow the main outline of the poster you will have the perfect Bug Out Bag

Key Elements of a Bug Out Bag Include:

So what's in your Bug Out Bag? 

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