Thursday, March 30, 2017

Rothco's Military Trauma Kit Contains How Many Items?

Rothco's new Military Trauma Kit is our most complete military trauma kit with over 190 top quality essential first aid and trauma items! This medical kit contains important first aid supply items ranging from bandages, dressings and wound cleaning items to EMS equipment and surgical supplies. Some noteworthy items we include in the kit are 40" x 40" x 56" Triangle Bandages, which can be used as an arm sling or head wound dressing, Ammonia Inhalants, used as a strong stimulant when someone is suffering from loss of consciousness, Stainless Steel Hemostats, a surgical tool used as a clamp to prevent blood flow and 45 Antiseptic Wipes. In the image below we've highlighted the full breakdown of items included in the trauma kit:    
The beauty of this trauma kit is that all of the supplies are packed into one of Rothco's Medium Transport Packs. This backpack ensures a durable, long lasting pack which can brave the elements due to its heavy weight denier polyester material. Not only is the bag made to resist wear, but the storage options are endless! Some of the storage features include one large compartment with a zippered pouch and mesh pocket, 3 additional outside zipper pockets and storage compartments and it is also MOLLE compatible. An addition feature of this pack are the adjustable shoulder straps, made to secure the bag close to your body. Rothco's Military Trauma kit is available in 5 different color options, including Black, Coyote Brown, Olive Drab, Red and Blue. With extensive storage options and comfort, Rothco's Medium Transport Pack makes the ideal pack for organizing and storing the 190+ first aid supplies the military trauma kit is equipped with. The Trauma Kit is ideal for EMS and First Responders or someone looking for a robust emergency kit.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How Many Camo T-Shirts Can 1 Person Wear at Once?

How many t-shirts do you think you could wear at one time? 5? 20? 100? Well, recently I found myself asking that very same question. And so an experiment was born; last Friday we decided to see if I could fit 150 on myself at once in honor of reaching 150,000 followers on Facebook and post the attempt live on Facebook.

After doing a little research, I realized how incredibly impractical 150 were without advanced training and practice. Formerly, the world record for the most shirts worn at a time was 155 (currently it sits at 247) so reaching 150 on my first attempt ever soon seems like a tall order. But it still sounded like a fun experiment so we decided to proceed and see just how many I could get on which can be see below:

In case you're not interested in watching me put on t-shirt after t-shirt for an hour, the punchline is: I got to 76 t-shirts. Most people didn't think I'd get over 50 and my personal goal was 75 so I considered it a job well done. I would've liked to have gotten to 100 and I think I could've gotten there if not for a few things: First and foremost... it was hot under 76 t-shirts. Right around 30 shirts I was thinking to myself "I would be warm in sub-zero temperatures right now". Secondly, we had gotten up to size 6XL and it was getting pretty tight. Since we go up to 7XL in t-shirt sizes I'm not sure we had the size range to get me to 100 let alone 150. Lastly, the biggest issue was the t-shirts bunching up. I was so concerned with making sure the shirts didn't bunch up around my neck (you can see me fidgeting with the shirts around my neck fairly often) that I wasn't really paying attention to the shirts bunching up around my arm. At a certain point I started losing feeling in my arm. If I ever decide to do this again (maybe we'll try to break the world record when we hit 250,000 Facebook followers) I'll definitely be more prepared for the endeavor.

All and all, the experience was a ton of fun. I had some great support from our Facebook fans that were following along and it was simply a fun way to cap off a work week. I may not have broken any world record, I may not have even reached 150 shirts... but I'm pretty confident that no one has worn more camouflage t-shirts at one time.

Matthew J Leone - Rothco

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Crazy Camo? Not So Crazy

You’ve seen the recent fashion/apparel trends: MA-1 flight jackets, desert boots, and boonie hats; which have all been hot sellers consistently for years. But one thing that nobody expected was the breakout of the colored camo. Although we’ve carried these colors for years, they have never had the same hype. The crazy camo is killing it right now as well! It started with the music video for Yamborghini High by the A$AP Mob but is picking up steam and becoming more of a mainstream thing now. If you haven’t seen the music video yet, I have a link to it below:

You’ve seen the trend, you’ve seen the video, so now here are a few tips on how to keep up with the game, and stay ahead of the curve.

Play It Up – Some of the biggest artists in music are wearing our stuff right now, so what better opportunity is there to sell more clothing than to share a testimonial or an image? Kanye is wearing Rothco, Big Sean is wearing Rothco, Justin Bieber is, you get the picture. But it’s not just about the music. You can see cameos of Rothco items in popular TV shows and on athletes. Camouflage and military fashion is clearly on the up and up, so why not play it up?

Market in Conjunction – Now that you know about the current trends, what’s the next step you ask? You’ve been selling and marketing the items separately, but have you tried merchandising them together? Someone can throw together a pair of colored camo BDUs, a blank T-shirt, an MA-1, and a pair of desert boots and call that an outfit. You can throw together the same items and call it a display.

Make it Your Own – Just because Rothco doesn’t do any embroidery or screenprinting in-house doesn’t mean that you can’t. These items don’t necessarily need to be sold blank. You can personalize them however you see fit and sell them that way. Add your logo, add a print, add your customer’s logo, whatever you want. It’s entirely up to you.

Color Coordinate – As you know, we have over 30 different camo colors, some of them unique to specific product lines, but we do offer full lines for certain colors. Take Sky Blue Camo for instance. We have BDU pants, BDU shirts, shorts, T-shirts (long & short sleeve), tank tops, boonie hats, low profile caps, and bandanas. Obviously, this is not true for all colors, but anything that’s popular has a T-shirt, a bandana, and a boonie hat at the very least. A one stop shop for all your favorite camo gear? What more could you ask for? We are the source for crazy camo!

It’s 2017, camo is not just for military and practical applications anymore. It’s a fashion statement. We’ve seen this trend before, but we’re seeing it again. Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon! Showing your customers that you have the inventory and that you have all the latest & greatest will win you brownie points.

Justin Hum @ Rothco

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rothco's Big & Tall Catalog

Did you know Rothco carries items up to 9XL? Rothco prides itself on service and selection and our Big and Tall section is no different. Our newly updated category features over 30 of our most in-demand items in extended sizes and lengths. View our entire collection of our Big & Tall section with our latest interactive digital catalog

Click On Your Favorite Items and Find Them At 

Remember Rothco Dealers...
You can build you very own interactive catalog at

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Leone's List: 5 Rothco Items for Spring

Spring is right around the corner and after that second helping of Winter we just had it can't come soon enough if you ask me. One of the perks of working for Rothco is that I can get up close and personal with gear and test it out for myself as it comes in the door. I've put together a short list of 5 Rothco items that I think are must-haves for Spring:

1. The New Lightweight MA-1 Jacket - I purchased one of the Sage Green Lightweight MA-1's for myself the day we received them in stock. It's the perfect Spring jacket because of its versatility. It's lightweight for those days where you think to yourself "Is it warm enough to go out without a jacket? Should I take one just in case?" and it fits perfectly over a hoodie for layering if it's particularly cold.

2. Shoulder Duffle Bags - I generally put the Medium Transport Pack on any list of "must-have Rothco items" (I own 3 of them) but my second favorite Rothco bag is the Shoulder Bag. I travel on the lighter side but the 19" canvas duffle makes the perfect overnight bag and you can always step up to the 24" version if you need some extra room. They also make great gym bags.

3. The Classic Duck Boot - You know what they say... April showers bring May flowers, so for the rainy months the Duck Boot is perfect. I'll wear these as everyday boots if it's rainy because 1. they're super comfortable and 2. they're waterproof.

4. Rothco Operator's Cap - I'm partial to the Black Operator's Cap with the embroidered U.S. Flag on it but really any of the 20+ styles and colors of Operator Cap will do.

5. Rothco's Vinyl Ponchos - I honestly don't know why anyone wouldn't have one or two of these tucked away in their car or truck. Why would you let a little rain ruin a good time? If there's a festival, concert, parade, or sporting event that you're going to and rain is in the forecast, don't get caught without one of these. While I prefer the lighter ones, the heavier duty rip-stop ones might be a better way to go for others.

Matthew J Leone - Rothco

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Blizzard Survival Tips

With spring just around the corner, winter needs to give us one more snow storm to remind us that the warmer weather isn't here just yet. Blizzard warnings have been issued for part of the Northeast
coast, with more that a foot of snow predicted. As the Northeast prepares for Winter Storm Stella, here are some blizzard survival tips:
  1. Prepare an Emergency Kit
    Your emergency kit should include basic first-aid items, flashlights, matches, extra batteries, a shovel and a multi-tool.
  2. Stock Up on Food and Water
    Make sure you stock up on your favorite foods and non-perishable food items. When you're stuck in the house all day, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of snacks. You'll also want to make sure you stock up on extra water, with the chance your pipes might freeze and not having access to tap water.
  3. Layer Up in Warm Clothing & Blankets
    There are chances you might lose power and heat in extreme conditions so you'll want to keep yourself as warm as possible! Start a fire in the fireplace, throw on a Rothco Heavyweight Flannel and snuggle up in your favorite blanket. If you're headed outside you'll want to put on more cold weather gear such as Rothco's Spec Ops Tactical Soft Shell Jacket, Cold Weather Boots, Cold Weather Gloves and of course a warm Hat
  4. Stay Informed of Weather Warnings and Travel Bans
    Keep a solar/wind up radio handy in case of power outages, this way you're able to stay up to date with weather alerts and information from local radio stations. If you don't have a solar radio, prepare by having your cell phones and electronics charged.
  5. Watch Out for Frostbite and Know the Signs 
    Frostbite is most common in your fingers and toes and occurs when the skin is exposed to extreme cold temperatures for too long. Signs of frostbite include numbness, your skin turning a pale yellow or white and then turning blue or black, hardening of your skin and in severe cases, blistering after rewarming. 

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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Rothco on Snapchat

Are you on Snapchat? Well Rothco is! One of the fastest growing social media platforms, Snapchat allows us to have some fun teasing incoming product, giving a glimpse into the Rothco offices, and using product in fun or unique ways. One of our more recent endeavors is the Pocket Dump; we go around the office and surprise employees by asking what's in their pockets. As you can see in the clip below, many of our employees have Rothco gear on hand ready to showoff. If you're not already, follow us on Snapchat to stay up to date on incoming gear and teasers!


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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Rothco's March #GOTM Is...

…our Lightweight Plate Carrier Vest! This is not your typical plate carrier vest, weighing in at just over 1 pound, this tactical vest offers superior weight savings, mobility and ventilation. The inside front and back panels are equipped with a stretch mesh material for ultimate comfort and breathability. This plate carrier vest features tons of MOLLE webbing in the front and back of the vest for attaching MOLLE pouches and gear. Rothco’s Lightweight Plate Carrier Vest is fully adjustable, with two elastic cords for attaching to the backside of the vest and adjustable hook and loop shoulder straps. The shoulder straps of this vest feature hook and loops tabs for attaching a hydration hose. Rothco’s Tactical Vest accommodates features of a typical plate carrier vest, but with an ultra-lightweight fit!

Check out what The Daily Shooter had to say about our Lightweight Plate Carrier Vest:

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