Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Essentials Checklist

Now that it is officially summer, it’s time to gear up for the warmer weather. Rothco has all of your summer essential items, right here! Take a look at our Summer Checklist:

  • Shorts - From cargo to camo, we have so many styles to choose from. 

  • Tank Tops - Suns out, guns out! Show off in our tank tops; perfect for hiking, fishing, the beach or a festival. 

  • Boonie Hats - Keep the sun out of your eyes and your head dry with one of our many types of Boonie Hats (we have over 75 styles!)

  • Sunglasses - Did you know Rothco has over a dozen kinds of sunglasses? Aviators, sports glasses and even tactical sunglasses are just a few of the many types we carry.

  • Hydration Packs - Stay hydrated during these hot summers months with one of our Hydration Packs, and always have water with you wherever you go! 

So beat the heat and make Rothco your one stop shop for summer style. 

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Monday, June 19, 2017

People Helping People

This year Pronto a Long Island based community outreach centerhonored Howard Somberg and Rothco for our contributions to their organization with the Community Engagement Award at their 48th Annual People Helping People Gala. It was a wonderful event and a great source of pride to be part of such a great team as Rothco where 100% of employees as well as the company itself participated in our charity program and donated to Pronto and eight other worthy charities.

 Over the years, Rothco and its employees have donated many tens of thousands of dollars to Pronto to help with their good work; learn more about Rothco's Charity Programs here. You can also help support Pronto by visiting their website

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Happy Birthday US Army!

In the spring of 1775, the revolutionaries created an amateur force of colonial troops, gathered together from various New England militia companies to fight in the American Revolution. The army was initially led by men who had served in the British Army or colonial militias and they brought much of their British military heritage with them. As the Revolutionary War progressed, French aid, resources, and military thinking influenced the new army. However, the revolutionaries had to re-organize their forces, quickly, if they were to stand a chance against Britain’s hardened professionals. It was understood that there was a dire need to enlist the support of all the American seaboard colonies. On June 14th, 1775, the Continental Congress deemed them as a unified army and for the colonies to fight Great Britain, with George Washington appointed as its commander. It was first called The Continental Army, and over these many years, has been shaped into the US Army we know today.

On this day, we celebrate the men and women who have since served in the Army and the many years of service to this country. Happy 242nd Birthday to the United States Army!

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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Rothco's On Pinterest!

Do you follow Rothco on Pinterest?  Pinterest is a place where you can save and store links from all over the Web! It’s like a big, virtual bulletin board that allows users to find and curate images and videos, share ideas, discover new products and be inspired. We have various idea boards on things like: Bugging OutSurvival, Tactical GearThin Blue Line, our Spring Supplement, and our newest board Military Motivation. Some of our pins include products directly from our website too!

Use our pins to help create your own idea boards and get inspired by Rothco!

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Friday, June 02, 2017

June's GOTM

Rothco's GOTM for June is our Tactical Boonie Hat. What makes it “tactical” you might ask? With features like branch loops and loop fasteners, this hat makes it easy to add foliage for increased camouflage or add your favorite morale patches. A hidden interior pocket is great for storing important items and keeping them close to you. The screened side vents help keep your head cool on those hot summer days and the side snaps make it easy to fit hearing protection or headphones, while still keeping the front and back brim of the hat intact. Perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, hunting and more, the Tactical Boonie Hat is the perfect hat for any summer adventure. Learn more about June's GOTM at

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What's New To

Are you looking for the latest items with Concealed Carry features? Or how about finding items with water resistant properties, then look no further than the most recent application to hit, the Product Feature Icons.'s Product Feature Icons are located at the top of the "Product Details" tab and also in our 2017 Supplement Catalog. The images highlight import features of the product that you might have not known about and allow you to discover even more items with that feature just by clicking on the yellow icon. 

Currently, has several categories to rev=view including:

These icons are just one of many new things to keep an eye out for on our website. 

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Hot Trends Of The Season

This past April we took a look at some of the top trending items of this season and we want to share them with you. In some cases, we've seen increases of over 1000% from last April to this April. One of the trends this spring that is undeniable is Military Fashion! From camo shirts and pants to military vests and backpacks, these items are hotter than the summer days ahead.

Compared to last season, our Canvas DayPack (2369) saw an increase of 1159%. Last year this item was at 80%! The DayPack is water resistant, features an outside zipper pocket and adjustable padded backpack straps. Our pack can be used for everyday to an extended stay, making it extremely versatile. 

The Uncle Milty Travel Vest (7546) was at 11% last year and is now over 200%. The travel vest has 17 different pockets, which makes storing your gear extremely easy. It is recommended for any type of adventure and comes in a variety of colors. 

The Color Camo craze is still a very popular trend. We continue to see color camo on the rise, with our Ultra Violet Camo T-shirt (60176) seeing a 306% increase over last year. With the upcoming summer season, these color camo t-shirts are perfect for the warmer weather. 

When it comes to the Military Fashion trend, the numbers speak for themselves. As we head towards the hot summer months it's time to jump on these items before things cool down. 

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Double the Camo, Double the Fun!

Can't decide what camo pants to wear today? Well...we have the answer! Introducing Rothco's new Two-Tone Camo Pants, the pants, which will be arriving late this summer, and are available in both Stinger Yellow Camo / Savage Orange [item# 1830] and Ultra Violet Camo/ City Camo [item #1840]. 

The Two-Tone Camo Pants have all the same great features of our original BDU pants including:

  • Button Fly, Two Front Slash Pockets, Two Button Down Back Pockets And Two Large Button Down Pleated Bellow Leg Pockets
  • Adjustable Waist Tab and Drawstring Ankles for the Perfect Custom Fit (Inseam 29 1/2"-32 1/2")
  • Comfortable Cotton/Poly Blend Material with Reinforced Seat and Knees and Double Stitched Seams
Over the past few months, the colorful camo craze has taken the world by storm, and you don't have to look much further than Instagram to see the global reach of this trend. Rothco is now expanding on this phenomenon by introducing the Two-Tone Camo Pants, so keep an eye out for them; they won't be hard to miss 😉

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Survival Hacks from Rothco

#Survival Hacks - Simple Solutions for Survival 

Rothco Camping Hack: Make an Ambient Light Out of a Water Jug 

Rothco Survival Hack: Candle in a Can 

Rothco Survival Tip: Use a Crayon as an Emergency Candle 

The Water Proof Match 


Friday, May 12, 2017

Boonie Season is Here!

A boonie hat, not to be confused with a bucket hat, is a wide-brim hat that was introduced to the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam War, when the U.S. Army Green Berets began wearing them in the field. As the U.S. military evolved, the boonie hat found a permanent place as part of the uniform for all services. The military style boonie hat has been a staple of Rothco’s product selection for decades. 

Although the hats are traditionally worn by the military, boonie hats are also popular for everyday wear. The wide-brim provides shade from the sun while the chin strap and screened side vents make the hat adjustable and versatile. These hats are great for fishing, hiking, a day at the beach, festivals  and so much more! The branch loops, located near the top of the hat, are meant to add extra foliage to disguise yourself better, which is great for hunting.

There are over 75 different styles to choose from, and we have them all right here at Rothco. From traditional camouflage to adjustable, to ones that come with mosquito netting, there is a boonie hat out there for everyone!   

Want to learn more about the boonie hat? Check out our video below!

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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Get To Know This Month's #GOTM

Introduced in 2015, Rothco's Tactical Extended Deployment Pack is one of the LARGEST tactical style backpacks Rothco has to offer, measuring in at  21" X 13" X 10". This massive military backpack offers tons of storage and has been designed for long-lasting comfort for those long trips. Learn more about the pack at and check out the features breakdown below. 

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rothco's Thin Blue Line Digital Catalog

The Thin Blue Line is a symbol of respect and support for Police and Law Enforcement Officials. Rothco has over 50 Thin Blue Line, Thin Red Line, and Law Enforcement Items, all of which can be viewed in our latest digital catalog. 

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Monday, April 24, 2017

The Perfect Spring Jacket - Rothco's Lightweight MA-1 Flight Jacket

What You Need To Know About The Lightweight MA-1 Flight Jacket:
  • Streamlined and Lightweight for the Perfect Fit
  • Super Soft Enhanced Nylon
  • Classic Utility Pocket 
  • Fully Reversible 
  • Available in Black and Olive Drab from XS-3XL

Rothco has taken our classic MA-1 Flight Jacket and streamlined it into a lightweight no fill, bomber style jacket that is perfect for spring and fall. Learn more about the jacket by visiting our site or checking out our new video

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Earth Day Updates - Rothco Is Going Solar

This weekend the world celebrates Earth Day, coincidentally this week Rothco began the next stage of our "Going Green" initiative with our new solar project. Rothco's new solar project will be a massive undertaking spanning over the next year, but by the time it is done, Rothco will be the largest corporate facility on Long Island collecting solar energy. 

Solar power is just one of the many ways Rothco is "Going Green" over the past few years we have instituted several green practices including:
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Fixtures
  • Office Recycling Program 
  • Paperless Billing System 
For Rothco dealers, learn how you can sign up for our Paperless Billing System here. 

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Versatility of Rothco BDU's

Rothco first introduced our BDU Pants in 1981, as part of the Battle Dress Uniform that the Army instituted. Originally designed for the military, for a long lasting wear, our BDU's have expanded into a variety of different markets. Due to the comfort, durability and versatility of Rothco Tactical BDU Fatigue Pants, they can be used as tactical pants, work wear, uniform wear and even streetwear. Our Colored Camo Tactical BDU Pants have exploded into the streetwear market currently, becoming a must-have item.

The comfortability of these pants are perfect for a day at the range or combat training. Due to the durable poly/cotton twill, Rothco's BDUs were made to last. The perfect tactical pant comes equipped with adjustable waist tabs and drawstrings bottoms for a secure, customized fit. The reinforced seat and knees were also added to these pants for protection that works as long as you do. Available in dozens of colors, Rothco offers Navy and Midnight Blue, which are very popular for public safety officials and EMT uniforms. Carry all the gear you need whether its medical supplies or survival tools for EDC with 2 front slash, 2 cargo and 2 back pockets. Rothco offers dozens of colors and patterns ranging from military camos, casual colors like black and khaki, to a ton of different crazy colored camos. The versatility of these pants go way beyond the colors or patterns; as the original tactical pant, they have evolved into so many different markets, making them one of our most popular items!

Want to learn more about the features and details of these pants? Check out our video breakdown!    

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Warmer Weather.. Hotter Styles

As you may or may not know, color camo has been the craze this season. From crazy colored camo pants to t-shirts to hats, this trend is has been seen all over social media. People have even been buying two of our colored camo BDU's, cutting them up and sewing the two colors together to really make a statement. This two-tone style has seen increasing popularity among the streetwear market as a way to make a statement.

What's going to happen when the weather gets warmer might you ask? Rothco has you covered with a bunch of colored camo BDU shorts! Why not continue the unique and attention-grabbing trend into the warmer summer months. We took our classic military BDU Shorts and added a twist, offering them in a variety of colored and digital colored camos. Keeping true to our military heritage, Rothco's BDU Shorts feature a button fly for a quick repair, 6 pockets and adjustable waist tabs for the perfect fit and to keep the shorts secure. Rothco's BDU Shorts are available in Pink Camo, City Camo, Red Camo, Sky Blue Camo and Ultra Violet Camo. We also carry digital versions, such as City Digital, Red Digital and Sky Blue Digital. So whether you're jumping on the colored camo bandwagon or just supporting your favorite sports team's colors, Rothco's Colored Camo BDU Shorts are one of the hottest items for this summer.

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