Thursday, May 05, 2016

May Is National Military Appreciation Month

It's somehow May already and while for many people that just means one month closer to summer (we feel ya), Rothco is excited about something we feel is far more important. May is National Military Appreciation Month. And although we feel our armed forces should be appreciated 365 days out of the year, we like that this month gives us a time and place to step back and recognize all that they do for us.

"National Military Appreciation Month started as a simple idea; to gather America around its military family to honor, remember, recognize and appreciate those who serve and have served all while knowing it's history." ( That's the basis from which the idea was born, and in 1999, it became official. The United States Senate, with the support from over 50 veteran service organizations, passed the first legislation which designated the month of May as National Military Appreciation Month.

Why the month of May? It was selected because of the many days it already holds to honor those who serve.

  •  The 1st of May is Loyalty Day, a day set aside to reaffirm your loyalty to the United States and recognize the heritage of American freedom. 
  • May 6th is Military Spouse Appreciation Day, a day to acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices of the spouses of those in the Armed Forces.
  • V.E. Day (Victory in Europe Day) is celebrated on the 8th, to commemorate the end of WWII in Europe. 
  • On May 21st, many countries around the world join the U.S. in honoring their respective militarys with Armed Forces Day. 
  • And finally, we celebrate Memorial Day on May 30th while remembering those who lost their lives while serving. 

So, how does one go about honoring our Military this month? The most important thing to do is to stay educated and aware of all of our military branches and all that they do for us, and spread this awareness throughout our country. It is because of them that we get to live, without fear, in this great country while they protect it. Remembering that is what this month is all about. So get out there and raise your flags high, hug a veteran, spread awareness, and appreciate our military.

By: Connor @Rothco