Friday, April 29, 2016

See the Highly Anticipated Rothco AR 670-1 Compliant Coyote Boots

Rothco's AR 670-1 Coyote Brown Boot is here! Not only do our new boots meet the U.S. Army regulation standards, but they have also been carefully designed to offer the wearer superior comfort, durability, and mobility.

AR670-1 Breakdown:
  • 8 Inch Height Boot
  • Coyote Brown Color (DA PAM 670-1)
  • Boot Sole Does Not Exceed 2 Inches In Height When Measured from the Bottom
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Plain Toe Matching the Color of the Upper
  • Boot Sole Does Not Extend Up the Back of the Heel or Over the Top of the Toe
  • Non-Mesh Lining
  • Flesh Side Out Cattle Hide Leather
Additional features of the AR 670-1 Army Authorize Boot includes a removable insole, padded collar for comfort, nylon front sides for greater flexibility and mobility, dual side vents and a 7 eyelet lace system with 4 speed lace eyelets.

The Coyote Brown Boots aren't the only AR 670-1 compliant gear Rothco has; also check out Rothco's Coyote Brown AR 670-1 Compliant Military T-Shirt and our AR 670-1 [DA PAM 670-1] Compliant Military Riggers Belt.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It's Boonie Season!

Summer is coming, so you know what that means...
...Boonie Season Is Here! 

Over the past few years, Boonie hats aka bucket hats have been the hat of the spring & summer season and this year is no different. Boonies are perfect for the warmer weather. For example, Rothco's classic military style boonie hat features a large brim that spans the circumference of the hat which will protect your head and neck from the sun's harmful rays and the screened vents allow for proper ventilation, ensuring you stay cool all summer long.

Rothco has a MASSIVE selection of boonies for you to choose from, with over 75 different color and style options. 

Here are some Rothco Boonie Facts:

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hey Ladies...Rothco's Women's Catalog Has Been Updated!

Rothco's Updated Women's Catalog contains over eight pages of essential Rothco Gear for women. 

The interactive catalog features some great new items, including
  • Cool New Camo Leggings!
  • New Activewear, which includes a Performance Fabric Camo Legging & Performance Fabric Tank Top 
  • Multiple Styles of Camo Tee's including our new  V-Neck and Long Sleeve T-shirts for women
  • Cool New Camo Leggings!
  • 3 New Camo Tank Tops 
Plus the classics, including:
  • Over a Dozen styles of our popular booty shorts
  • 8 Styles of our Women's Vintage Fatigues 
  • Over 10 Styles of Women's Hats including Pink Boonies and Camo Fatigue Caps 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wear Your Right to Bear Arms: Rothco’s Second Amendment Gear

Second Amendment supporters have taken up historical slogan's as their new mantra in defense of the right to bear arms. Rothco's been producing a number of items related to these historical phrases such as "Don't Tread on Me", "Molon Labe", and "Come and Take It" but we've recently expanded to a few other popular concepts. See the latest and greatest below:

Newest Additions

Don't Tread on Me

Come and Take It

Molon Labe

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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Product Spotlight - Rothco Undercover Travel Vest

It's spring time, which means it's time to shed the heavy jackets and get ready to go sleeveless. For most, that means not being able to wear a jacket with enough space for all of your everyday carry items. If you share this struggle, then Rothco’s Undercover Travel Vest was designed with you in mind. The vest features twelve pockets overall, including wire pass through ports, pen pockets, a tablet sized pocket perfect for electronics and even a hidden passport pocket on the inside that only the wearer will know of and be able to access. These features also make for easier outside-the-waistband concealed carry in the warmer months.

This vest is perfect for those who are always on the go and need their hands for getting things done instead of carrying around their gear. Functional, comfortable and discreet, this vest will be your first choice for all of your day to day tasks, as well as traveling to any destination.

Check out what Michigan Arms had to say about the vest just a few days ago:

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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The Ultimate Spring Gear Checklist

Spring is here - well, at least, that is what the calendar says but here on the East Coast mother nature has another idea. Even though it is still snowing some days :( , now is the time to get ready for those warm sunny days with Rothco 2016 Spring Checklist - it's the only list you need this season! 

Below is a list of must-have items this spring including, Camo T-Shirts, Boonies, Bug Spray, Shades and more. 

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