Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pic Me Rothco Instagram Contest

Enter for your chance to win some #ROTHCOGEAR. Because our fans are awesome, we wanted to reward you with an opportunity to win some amazing Rothco Gear. We have put together two prize packages for you to choose from. Pick your favorite pic and then repost it to your followers with the hashtag #PicMeRothco. You Pick, You Post, You Win… It’s that simple! 

How To Win

  • Follow Rothco On Instagram @Rothco_Brand
  • Choose from one of the two collections (images) for your chance to win everything pictured in the collection layout
  • Repost the picture of the gear you want to your followers with the hashtag #PicMeRothco on Instagram
  • You can choose to RePost both pictures, and you will be entered for your chance at winning both of the collections, but only one winner will be chosen for each collection
  • Every time you post the picture is a chance for you to win! Each Repost of the picture(s) will act as one entry into the contest
For the complete list of rules visit Rothco.com 

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